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Hatewatch Headlines 5/21/2018

What Texas shooter’s ‘fashwave’ interest means; Vegas shooter evidence suggests right-wing extremism; Militia says they’re helping Border Patrol; and more.

Heavy: Fashwave: Five facts you need to know.

The Root: New evidence shows the Las Vegas shooter was a right-wing extremist, but no one will say it.

KENS-5 TV (San Antonio, TX): Militia group claims it helps Border Patrol capture immigrants in South Texas ranch lands.

Associated Press: Justice Department spent $1,000 to send attorney to Alliance Defending Freedom conference.

Daily Beast: Attorney General Jeff Sessions huddles with secretive conservative group to warn against open-door asylum.

Media Matters: New York Times reporter explains how media outlets fall for Trump’s racism schtick.

Right Wing Watch: California pro-Trump candidate is fundraising off her harassment of a transgender woman.

Montana Public Radio: Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin’s lawyer defends behavior, says constitutional protections cover mean acts.

Dallas Morning News: Dallas County candidate admits rewarding his kids if they marry within their race.

NBC Washington: Father and son charged with hate crime after assault on man in traffic in Virginia.

Bismarck Tribune (N.D.): Probation is over for convicted white North Dakota white supremacist Craig Cobb.

OC Weekly (CA): Ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio to appear in Yorba Linda next week amid rising xenophobia.

Washington Post: The viral racist lawyer and internet vigilantism.

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