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Hatewatch Headlines 6/6/2018

Trump awakens Americans’ anti-democratic side; Memes study reveals hate speech’s trail; Homan wants ICE immune from attacks; and more.

Think Progress: Trump is awakening and emboldening Americans with anti-democratic ideals, study finds.

Business Insider: A study of 15,000 memes reveals where hate speech begins and how it spreads.

Right Wing Watch: ICE deputy director Homan tells a hate group that ICE agents should be immune from criticism.

Detroit Free Press: Fred Flietz’s appointment to National Security Council post raises ire of Muslims, civil-rights groups.

Media Matters: On MSNBC, Hugh Hewitt defends an anti-LGBT hate group, doesn’t disclose it’s his major radio sponsor.

Daily Beast: Charlottesville marcher James Allsup elected to county Republican Party post in eastern Washington.

Washington Post: In the Army and in the Klan, he hated Muslims. Now one was coming to his home.

San Angelo Standard-Times (TX): Controversy surrounds ‘Jihadi Threat’ training in San Angelo, decision to rescind credit.

Raw Story: Black man walking his dog gets hunted as burglary suspect after white neighbor snaps picture of him.

B&T Magazine: Facebook unveils powerful new campaign to combat white supremacist hate speech in the U.K.

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