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Hatewatch Headlines 6/11/2018

Racial profiling in immigration goes unchecked; Father separated from family kills self; Tucson ‘pedophilia’ claims unfounded, but catch fire; and more.

ProPublica: How racial profiling goes unchecked in immigration enforcement.

Washington Post: A family was separated at the border, and this distraught father took his own life.

Reveal News: The state of hate in immigration, 2018: A constant drumbeat of ugly incidents.

Arizona Daily Star: Tucson-based sex-trafficking conspiracy theory catches fire, despite lack of evidence.

Think Progress: Why is this Pizzagate conspiracy theorist meeting with a Russian neo-fascist ideologue?

Boston Globe: Arizona man arrested for threatening to bomb Harvard’s black commencement.

Daily Kos: The architects of the violence in Charlottesville may have doomed the alt-right.

Capital-Journal (Topeka, KS): Kris Kobach’s office paid $1,000 fine in court case with state-issued credit card.

Talking Points Memo: Kobach urged Commerce chief to add citizenship question to Census in order to change districts.

Guardian: CrossFit fires executive after scandal over homophobia at Indiana gym.

AlterNet: Islamophobia infects the government as anti-Muslim bigotry becomes acceptable in Trump’s America.

Right Wing Watch: At ‘Road to Majority,’ MAGA prayers and a call for ‘a new nationalism.’

Media Matters: Alex Jones theorizes that Anthony Bourdain was ‘suicided’ because he was goin to ‘do a Kanye West.’

ABC News: Violent protests involving right-wing rallies again draw attention to Portland, OR.

Raw Story: Fox’s Jesse Watters runs reel of violent right-wingers – and falsely identifies them as antifa.

Salem News (MA): ‘Constitutionalist’ who held man suspected of domestic abuse at gunpoint defends his actions.

KMBC-TV (San Antonio, TX): Video shows white woman yelling racial slurs at Latino family celebrating birthday.

Vice: These black churches are considering arming their congregations.

Reuters: Austria’s right-wing government announces it is shutting down mosques, expelling Muslim leaders.

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