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Hatewatch Headlines 7/12/2018

Is Trump responsible for hate-crimes rise? Behind the pardon for the Hammonds; LA sheriff’s office may have harbored a racist clique; and more.

Newsweek: Donald Trump and rising hate crime numbers: Is he responsible?

Salon: Trump’s startling agenda appears to involve taking white supremacy worldwide.

Think Progress: The real story behind Trump’s pardon of two Oregon ranchers.

Pacific Standard: Pardons for two Oregon ranchers is a victory for Bundys, and an ominous loss for public lands advocates.

Los Angeles Times: After decades of problems, new allegations surface of a secret racist clique with L.A. County sheriff’s department.

The Hill: ‘Unmasking Antifa Act’ includes 15-year prison term proposal for wearing mask at public protest.

Right Wing Watch: This alt-right chat server has been trying to radicalize children playing video games.

Mother Jones: Inside the radical, uncomfortable movement to reform white supremacists.

Raw Story: Are taboos against fascism and white supremacy breaking down in colleges and universities?

Media Matters: Newsbusters promoted a white nationalist piece that claimed black people are ‘a threat to all’ they encounter.

The Guardian: Officials admit they may have separated a family — who might be U.S. citizens — for up to a year.

Union-Leader (Manchester, NH): Man accused of grabbing woman’s hijab is ex-Blackwater employee, bronze star recipient.

Post and Courier (Charleston, SC): South Carolina man imprisoned after voicing admiration for Dylann Roof, buying gun.

CNN: Woman arrested in brutal beating of 95-year-old man who was told to ‘go back to Mexico.’

Phoenix New Times (AZ): Accused neo-Nazi killer Travis Ricci gets a mistrial after prosecutors’ error.

KGW-TV (Denver, CO): Colorado police officer back on the job after getting fired for using racial slur.

Vox: ‘Get out, little punks’: Racist incidents at swimming pools have a long history in the USA.

San Francisco Chronicle (CA): Skateboard used as a weapon in alleged San Francisco racial hate crime against white man.

Houston Chronicle (TX): Former New Black Panther leader tried to pass himself off as an attorney, family alleges.

Munich Metro (Germany): German Nazi sympathizer gets life sentence for immigrant murders.

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