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Hatewatch Headlines 7/23/2018

False social-media posts exploding globally; Shelters drug immigrant teenagers with no consent; Neo-Confederates launch a Russia-friendly initiative; and more.

McClatchy DC: False, misleading social media posts are exploding globally, Oxford study finds.

New York Times: The long American history behind the birthright citizenship battle.

ProPublica: Immigrant shelters are drugging traumatized teenagers without their parents’ consent.

Salon: Inside the Annapolis shooter’s alt-right-based theology of mass murder.

ABC News: ‘Racist street fighters and an anti-government militia’: Understanding the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.

Think Progress: Neo-Confederates reach out to their Russian friends in new bridge-building project.

The Hill: League of the South launches new Russian-language page to promote ‘Southern nationalism.’

Politico: House Speaker Paul Ryan says mainstream conservatives need to fight back against the alt-right.

Mother Jones: Mike Pence campaigns for candidate who said he would personally round up and deport immigrants.

Daily Beast: GOP candidate Corey Stewart’s staffer was in an alt-right hate-rally chat.

The Guardian: White fright: looking back at the plot to massacre Muslims that the American media ignored.

Reveal News: Hate doesn’t stop at the border.

Huffington Post: How Pizzagate peddler Mike Cernovich keeps getting people fired.

Media Matters: Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes and a men’s rights activist spend an entire show attacking black women.

New Zealand Herald: Alt-right figure Lauren Southern’s attempt at an undercover video badly backfires in Melbourne.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Hispanic man stabbed outside Kennesaw, police investigate it as a hate crime.

East Oregonian (Pendleton, OR): Finicum family’s wrongful-death lawsuit moves forward in federal court.

Oregonian: Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson bounced from Vancouver bar for frightening the bartender.

The Columbian (Vancouver, WA): Female deputy fired for promoting 'Proud Boy Girls' garb in her spare time.

Angry White Men: White nationalists are in dire financial straits after losing their access to payment processors.

News-Courier (Bridgewater, NJ): White supremacist Identity Evropa propaganda plastered around Jersey towns.

Arizona Republic: Transgender woman says CVS pharmacist refused her hormone prescription.

Idaho Statesman: Gang members from Aryan Knights, SVC indicted on array of drug, gun charges.

Sacramento Bee (CA): Trial date set for white supremacist charged with assault in Capitol riot case.

Washington Post: Austrian state wants to force meat-eating Jews and Muslims to register, drawing Nazi comparisons.

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