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Hatewatch Headlines 8/2/2018

‘QAnon’ ascends to mainstream at Trump rally; Tommy Robinson freed on bail, retrial set; Jones faces Sandy Hook parents’ wrath in the courtroom; and more.

CNN: ‘QAnon’ ascends from 8chan to YouTube to a Trump rally, as a far-right conspiracy theory goes mainstream.

Guardian: Tommy Robinson freed on bail after court rules his conviction was irregular, orders a retrial.

New York Times: Alex Jones, pursued by Sandy Hook parents over his Infowars falsehoods, faces a critical legal crossroads.

Huffington Post: Spotify pulls Alex Jones’ Infowars radio show after widespread complaints.

ProPublica: Kris Kobach has endured a ton of court defeats in his nativist campaign, but he’s made a ton of money doing it.

Inlander (Spokane, WA): ‘Label lynching,’ the new far-right buzzword, has become part of the Malheur standoff narrative.

AlterNet: Islamophobia in the U.S. is fueled by fake facts and paranoia, and a belief it is inherently dangerous.

Washington Post: There is nothing liberal about fascism, and never has been.

Think Progress: Civil rights groups will converge on Washington to stand against white supremacist rally.

Gothamist (New York City): Identity Evropa activists unhurl a huge banner in New York park denouncing immigration.

The Sun (UK): Photographer captures a disturbing portrait of the real world of American white supremacists.

Media Matters: Jordan Peterson tells ‘Fox & Friends’ that far-left ‘ideologues’ are infiltrating the education system.

FES Connect: Reclaiming the digital space: How we can fight right-wing extremists online.

Oregonian: State trooper who fatally shot LaVoy Finicum is accidentally outed by slipup during FBI agent’s trial.

Times of London: German neo-Nazis have amassed a list of ‘enemies,’ with over 25,000 names.

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