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Hatewatch Headlines 8/9/2018

Documentary exposes far-right ties to military; Majority think racial relations are worse; Hannity thanks Twitter CEO for not booting Infowars; and more.

Democracy Now: New Charlottesville documentary exposes neo-Nazi leaders and their ties to military, weapons contractors.

National Public Radio: How the white nationalist movement has changed in the year since Charlottesville.

Talking Points Memo: Charlottesville mayor, governor pre-emptively declare emergency ahead of anniversary.

Politico: Poll finds a majority of Americans believe race relations have worsened under Trump.

Think Progress: Trump has caused an identity crisis for the American militia movement.

Media Matters: Sean Hannity thanks Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for sticking up for Alex Jones.

Right Wing Watch: Infowars’ terms of service would ban its own content.

New York Times: Alex Jones urges Infowars fans to fight back by buying lots of his health products.

The Verge: Apple first crushed Alex Jones, then it tossed him a lifeline.

Pacific Standard: The ‘QAnon’ conspiracy phenomenon reveals how poorly equipped we are for the era of political trolling.

Daily Beast: Those prominent CEOs who cut White House ties after Charlottesville just dined with Trump.

Washington Post: Border arrest data suggests Trump’s push to split migrant families had little deterrent effect.

Vox: Researchers are finding Confederate memorials faster than they’re being taken down.

CNN: Corey Stewart praised Southern secession in a 2017 campaign appearance.

Kansas City Star (MO): Kris Kobach won’t recuse himself from a recount in his own race for Kansas governor.

The Forward: Neo-Nazi ex-candidate from California wants to create a ‘regional capital’ in Idaho.

Philadelphia Tribune: Philadelphia has become home to a number and range of racist groups.

Charlotte Observer (NC): Ku Klux Klan fliers in bags with candy, seem to be targeting children.

WNYC-FM (New York): ICE spokesman in New Jersey’s ties to anti-Muslim groups raises a furor.

NBC News: Man arrested at New Mexico compound was training children to commit school shootings.

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