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Hatewatch Headlines 9/6/18

The California connection to white supremacy in the Northwest; Infowars host Alex Jones goes face-to-face with Marco Rubio; Oath Keepers get another dis-invite, and more.

Washington Post: A murder suspect wrote that the Bible is about white people before confessing to killing his black roommate.

The Verge: FCC chairman says Twitter, Facebook, Google may need transparency law.

The Atlantic: A Daily Caller editor used a fake name while writing for an ‘alt-right’ website.

East Bay Times: The anti-government group Oath Keepers will no longer be allowed to participate in Urban Shield, an emergency training exercise in Alameda County, California.

Post and Courier: Police in Charleston, South Carolina, announce the arrest of a man accused of attacking a transgender woman in the city’s bar and restaurant district in a bias-motivated crime.

CNBC: Infowars conspiracy monger Alex Jones and Senator Marco Rubio nearly come to blows outside a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on social media.

WTEN-TV: Violent attack in Albany, New York, being investigated as a hate crime. In Russian, Putin's Angels are widely seen as a militia that operates in a variety of roles at the Kremlin's behest.

Washington Post: Tucker Carlson says he didn’t know about a racist at the Daily Caller.

Spokesman-Review: There’s a California connection to white supremacy in the Pacific Northwest.

Global News: Man fined $1 for punching white nationalist Unite the Right rally organizer Jason Kessler.

Associated Press: A gay University of Pennsylvania student graphically discussed hopes of having sex with a man now accused of the student’s murder.

Rushville Republican: KKK in spotlight after southern Indiana cookout, but expert says influence is waning.

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