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Hatewatch Headlines 9/17/2018

Sessions might OK investigating social media giants; the Christian Right allies with Putin’s Russia; Bannon creates a furor in London over remarks; and more.

Bloomberg News: Attorney General Sessions is open to investigation of social media giants for alleged stifling of conservative voices.

Newsweek: The Christian Right is looking to Putin’s Russia to save Christianity from the godless West.

Hill Reporter: Christian fundamentalists aid Russian group in promoting alt-right values in America.

Guardian: Bannon creates another furor in London as he defends European far-right figures.

CNBC: The bizarre political rise and fall of Alex Jones and his Infowars operation.

Media Matters: Jones says Trump should have military invade Google facilities because ‘it’s a criminal organization.’

Salon: How to pull a friend out of the conspiracy-theory rabbit hole.

The Hill: Sen. Warren calls out Rep. Steve King for ‘white supremacist propaganda,’ urges donations to his opponent.

Independent (UK): Number of white people arrested for terror offenses outstrip any other single ethnic group, study says.

WBUR-FM (Boston, MA): During gas emergency, Massachusetts State Police reveal they monitor left-wing activist groups.

Reveal News: ‘Move or Die’: Hate-crimes, violent assaults against LGBT couples are reaching a fever pitch.

Vice: Racists are peddling fake ‘Nike coupons’ for ‘People of Color.’

Raw Story: Border Patrol agent arrested in Texas as a suspected serial killer of four women.

Washington Post: Furor arises after camera catches Coast Guard officer apparently flashing a ‘white power’ sign.

Daily Dot: Tomi Lahren furiously tweets ‘illegal alien’ to protest Twitter’s decision not to promote phrase.

Talking Points Memo: Idaho white nationalist floods communities with harassing racist robocalls.

Fox7 News (Austin, TX): Police investigating second vandalism at North Austin mosque.

Courthouse News: Tennessee searches for justice by reopening cold Civil-Rights-era cases.

Associated Press: Judge rules that Alabama’s Cullman County operates an unconstitutional bail system.

Colorado Times-Recorder (Denver): Colorado anti-abortion group publishes shockingly racist cartoon featuring black caricatures.

Oak Leaf News (Santa Rosa Junior College, CA): White supremacist ‘Identity Evropa’ stickers plastered around campus.

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