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Hatewatch Headlines 9/18/2018

U.S.’s refugee limit cut to lowest level on record, again; Inside a ‘Davos for Fascists’ in St. Louis; Christian nationalists in Moldova say they’re not extremist; and more.

Mother Jones: Trump administration cuts refugee limit to lowest level on record for the second year in a row.

The Nation: At Gateway Pundit’s far-right ‘Davos for Fascists’ in St. Louis, Western chauvinism is the only idea that matters.

Think Progress: Far-right Christian nationalists gathered in Moldova want you to know they’re not extremists.

Right Wing Watch: ‘Firefighter prophet’ Mark Taylor claims McCain was secretly executed by a military tribunal.

People: David Duke’s godson, Derek Black, was raised to embrace white nationalism – until friends fully opened his eyes.

Media Matters: While ranting about immigration, Tucker Carlson claims America used to be ‘a better country’ – but he says it’s not about race.

Pacific Standard: New book explores how Trump’s political playbook is straight out of fascist history.

Vice: Border Patrol agent shot four women in the head and left them by the side of the road, authorities say.

WUSA-TV (Baltimore, MD): University of Maryland pulls fliers for ‘safe space’ for white students following student outrage.

Raw Story: Cops grill University of Massachusetts employee after caller reports him walking to work.

Daily Trojan: USC graduate student outed as participant in racist websites after screenshots released.

The Conversation: Are today’s kids any less racist than their grandparents? Signs point to ‘no.’

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