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Hatewatch Headlines 10/10/2018

Discord a safe space for white supremacists; ‘RAM’ something like a racist fight club; Security for controversial speakers costs colleges millions; and more.

Slate: White supremacists still have a safe space online, thanks to gaming-hub Discord.

CNN: The ‘Rise Above Movement’ is less like the Ku Klux Klan and more like a racist fight club.

Think Progress: Neo-Nazi who attacked Amtrak train exposed as a Unite the Right participant.

Mother Jones: Supreme Court order makes it harder for tribal North Dakotans to vote.

MarketWatch: American campuses paid out millions providing security for controversial speakers’ events.

Huffington Post: EPA chief Andrew Wheeler engaged with racist and conspiracist posts on social media.

Think Progress: Kris Kobach rallied with Trump, and the anti-immigrant remarks were plentiful.

NBC News: Virginia school allegedly barred transgender student from active-shooter drill.

AlterNet: ACLU files lawsuit citing San Francisco police’s documented history of vile racism.

Media Matters: PragerU posts a video about Columbus featuring racist caricatures of indigenous people.

Kansas City Star: GOP official sneers at nonwhite candidate that she will be ‘sent back to the reservation.’

Washington Post: The far right continues to have a meltdown over Taylor Swift’s plug for Democrats.

New York Daily News: ‘Chilling’ anti-immigrant posters tied to white-supremacist group appear in Queens.

Raw Story: Virginia man seeks revenge on neo-Nazi robocaller by hiring clowns to play accordions at his home.

Press Progress (Toronto): Three conservative candidates got caught partying with a hate group, and had lame excuses.

Toronto Star: Right-wing extremism not welcome in Canadian armed forces – but ‘clearly, it’s here,’ says top soldier.

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