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Hatewatch Headlines 10/17/2018

McInnes’ path from hipster to far-right guru; Gun cache was on rooftop in Portland; Hannity hosted a Proud Boy, now claims he never heard of them; and more.

New York Times: Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes: From ‘Brooklyn hipster’ to far-right provocateur.

Oregonian: What we know about the rooftop gun cache police found Patriot Prayer members with before Aug. 4 rally.

Media Matters: Sean Hannity claimed he had ‘never heard of’ the Proud Boys, but hosted one on his show in 2017.

Salon: Gavin and the Proud Boys say they’re just defending themselves, but they’re actually spoiling for a fight.

Huffington Post: Florida’s Ron DeSantis rose to prominence by trafficking in racist, Islamophobic conspiracy theories.

The Atlantic: Instagram has a massive harassment problem.

Think Progress: Republican congressman Duncan Hunter’s campaign slides into Islamophobic trash.

AlterNet: Fox’s Laura Ingraham segment echoes vile ‘You will not replace us’ chant in attacking legal immigration.

Raw Story: White Wisconsin men point pistol at Uber driver’s face for cleaning his car while black.

Fox5 Atlanta (GA): Atlanta settles with former fire chief who was fired over book with anti-LGBT passages.

Telesur TV (Brazil): David Duke announces support for Brazilian presidential front-runner Jair Bolsonaro.

Independent (UK): Religious hate crime increases 40 percent in England and Wales, most directed at Muslims.

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