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Hatewatch Headlines 11/9/2018

Infowars pipeline to the White House is alive; High-fatality shootings’ frequency rising; Conservative conservation’s dark history; and more.

Media Matters: The Infowars-White House pipeline is alive and well.

Washington Post: The frequency of high-fatality shootings has increased significantly.

The Nation: When environmentalism meets xenophobia: The conservative conservation movement’s dark history.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Flyers associated with white nationalist group make appearance in Brookline.

Right Wing Watch: Pete Hegseth, Stephen Moore both scheduled to speak at conference hosting ‘QAnon’ experts.

Daily Beast: Internet troll farm Internet Research Agency held a bizarre Reddit AMA with itself.

Times Leader (Wilkes-Barre, PA): Man enters guilty plea on weapons charge after alleged hate threats.

Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX): Pipe-bomb threat at Texas mosque investigated by FBI, police.

Oregonian: State House leader vows to lead effort to end state's 'racist' non-unanimous verdict law.

Think Progress: Wealthy white people in Atlanta suburb tried to secede from their black-led town – and failed.

ABC News: New York man hit with hate-crime charges in serial theft of LGBT rainbow flags at church.

Raw Story: ‘Halloween’ display of black person being lynched outrages Pennsylvania bar patrons.

Newsweek: White nationalist who posted White House photo says he was just on public tour.

Sojourners: The wounds of hate are still infected: Remembering Marcelo Lucero, 10 years later.

New York Times: In Montana, a racial olive branch.

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