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Hatewatch Headlines 11/14/2018

White nationalists don’t believe Trump’s disavowals; Hate crimes spiked on Trump’s watch; What ‘cultural Marxism’ is really about; and more.

CNN: Trump says he’s not a racist, but that’s not how white nationalists see it.

Think Progress: At an Arkansas white nationalist rally, Trump’s support for racist conspiracies provides inspiration.

Mother Jones: Hate crimes statistics show 31% increase since Trump announced his run.

New York Times: ‘Cultural Marxism’: The alt-right’s favorite meme is actually 100 years old.

Talking Points Memo: Trial testimony of top census scientist undercuts Ross’s claims on citizenship question.

Journal-Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI): Fallout continues for Baraboo students in wake of photo showing Nazi salute.

Pittsburgh City Paper: The Internet played a central role in the radicalization of Pittsburgh’s alt-right killers.

Right Wing Watch: Heritage Foundation founder backs Trump’s claim he can end birthright citizenship.

Daily Beast: Gavin McInnes whines that his rich neighbors don’t seem to like him much.

Huffington Post: Atomwaffen member accused of murdering gay student Blaze Bernstein pleads not guilty.

DU Clarion (Denver, CO): Are white nationalists terrorists?

Sacramento Bee (CA): Wig-snatcher who targeted Orthodox Jews accused of hate crimes.

The State (Columbia, SC): Columbia ‘sovereign citizen’ to go on trial in federal court on charge of dodging taxes.

Media Matters: An updated guide to notorious conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi.

The Sun (UK): Tommy Robinson’s worldwide tour suffers major blow as he fails to get U.S. visa.

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