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Hatewatch Headlines 11/20/2018

FBI classifies Proud Boys as ‘extremist group’; Vote suppressor headed for a judgeship; Troops on Mexico border heading home now; and more.

The Guardian: Proud Boys classified by FBI as ‘extremist group’ with ties to white nationalism.

Daily Beast: Thomas Farr devised ways to keep black people from voting, but Mitch McConnell wants to make him a judge.

Politico: Troops on the Mexico border are going to start coming home.

Washington Post: ‘Nothing on this page is real’: How lies become truth in online America.

Talking Points Memo: Radio host wants court to subpoena neo-Nazi publisher Andrew Anglin’s bank records.

ProPublica: Brothers who authorities linked to Pittsburgh shooter had flyer supporting neo-Nazi group.

Salon: A slow-motion civil war: Trump has declared himself president of a 21st-century Confederacy.

Guardian: Is Donald Trump an authoritarian? Experts examine the signs – and say ‘yes.’

WOSU-FM (Columbus, OH): Ohio’s legislature is considering a total ban on all abortions, with criminal penalties.

Post and Courier (Charleston, SC): Membership controversy roils Charleston Rifle Club after black candidate is blackballed.

Raw Story: Texas fire marshal, sporting Confederate flag, criminally charges black pastor over church lights.

Think Progress: Local NRA leader demands secession from Washington after state gun control initiative won.

Seattle Times: Kirkland yogurt shop apologizes for calling police on black man sitting in shop.

Right Wing Watch: We were promised Proud Boys. Philadelphia had other ideas.

Media Matters: Fox’s David Bossie on migrant caravan: ‘These people don’t belong … they’re going to use and abuse your citizens.’

Vice: Quebec’s neo-fascists are teaching schoolkids about Vikings with reenactments.

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