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Hatewatch Headlines 12/6/2018

Ease up on white nationalists, VA diversity chief told; ‘Religious Liberty’ docs won’t be released; QAnoners awaited Trump arrests at funeral; and more.

Washington Post: Don’t condemn white nationalists, VA diversity chief was told after Charlottesville.

Metro Weekly (Washington, DC): Trump administration refuses to release documents about ‘Religious Liberty Task Force.’

Raw Story: Trump-loving QAnon conspiracy nuts were convinced the president was going to conduct mass arrests at Bush funeral.

Media Matters: ‘You’re dying, we’re going to replace you’: Tucker Carlson fearmongers about immigrants.

Motherboard: #ThotAudit is compiling massive databases of sex workers and reporting them to PayPal.

Dallas Morning News: With vote on removal of Muslim county leader looming, Tarrant GOP to hear from anti-Islam speaker.

New York Daily News: White supremacists denied bond for rioting at ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville.

Right Wing Watch: Gavin McInnes thinks it should be a hate crime to punch a Nazi.

The Verge: Milo Yiannopoulos lasts one whole day on Patreon before getting banned.

Yahoo News: College Republicans at Washington State fundraise to build an 18-foot wall to ‘own the libs.’

Huffington Post: Her Super PAC ran a racist ad. Now she runs West Virginia’s minority-affairs office.

The Advocate: New Justice Department spokesperson used to work for anti-LGBT hate group ADF.

Texas Tribune: This Confederate plaque takes only minutes to debunk. Why is it taking so long to replace it?

Salisbury Daily Times (MD): Salisbury lynching anniversary is meant to end an ‘epidemic of silence.’

Oregonian: Portland State student, whose family claims he was hate victim, disputes he jumped from train.

Colorado Times Recorder: Colorado Republicans invite extremist David Horowitz to speak at post-election retreat.

Daily Beast: Why did the FBI raid the home of the biggest alien truther?

El Pais (Madrid, Spain): David Duke sends a message of congratulations to far-right Vox party for its electoral gains.

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