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Hatewatch Headlines 12/14/2018

Dropping the ball on right-wing extremism; PewDiePie’s ties to bigots spells trouble; Alt-right recruiting from ranks of Trump-loving evangelicals; and more.

New York Times: The rise of right-wing extremism, and how U.S. law enforcement missed it.

Media Matters: Yes, the New York Times dropped the ball on covering the rise of right-wing extremism.

Vox: PewDiePie’s ties to white supremacy spell serious trouble for the future of YouTube.

The Ringer: The magical thinking of the far right: Symbols from the occult have a relationship with far-right movements.

Raw Story: Here’s how the alt-right is recruiting from groups of Trump-loving evangelicals.

Daily Beast: A third Dylann Roof fan has now been arrested and charged with planning to attack Jews.

CNN: Virginia EMT worker suspended after his racist comments on social media, white supremacist podcast.

NBC News: Watch, react, repeat: What the racist Columbia University video actually reveals.

Think Progress: In Wake County, NC, digging out of a rare snow squall revealed old racial fault lines.

KCPQ-TV (Seattle, WA): Despite left-leaning politics, Washington state has long been a hotbed for white supremacists.

The Stranger: State Rep. Matt Shea, who called for holy war, accused of campaign finance violations.

The Chronicle (Los Angeles): The hate they give: How people of color are coping with the tide of bigoted violence.

Right Wing Watch: Frank Gaffney’s hate group honors Tom Fitton and Eric Metaxas, and they return the favor.

News Star (Monroe, LA): Hate crime suspects accused of harassing black woman at West Monroe Walmart are identified.

Record Journal (Meriden, CT): Southington school officials, police investigate crudely racist video posted to social media.

Al Jazeera: Fears of growing tide of far-right white nationalism Down Under rise with ‘Deplorables’ tour.

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