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January 08, 2003

Mamie Till Mobley, mother of Emmett Till, whose death exposed the brutality of the 1950s South, died January 6 in a Chicago hospital.

November 18, 2002

U.S. District Court Judge Myron Thompson ruled in favor of plaintiff Stephen Glassroth November 18, finding that the monument to the Ten Commandments must be removed from public view in the Alabama Judicial Building.

July 24, 2002

William Pierce, head of the neo-Nazi National Alliance and author of the racist novel The Turner Diaries has died at age 68, seven years after facing a judgment in a suit filed by the Center.

March 26, 2002

Followers of Fred Phelps, homophobic leader of the Westboro Baptist Church hate group, picketed the Center during March in support of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, defendant in a Center suit.


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