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SPLC Supporters Thank America's Teachers

Through a special letter-writing campaign, Teaching Tolerance's supporters thank educators for their anti-bias efforts in schools.

The Center's award-winning Teaching Tolerance program serves educators in all 50 states. Through its self-titled magazine, Teaching Tolerance, and line of multimedia kits, the program works to ensure every teacher has tools to promote respect and understanding among students.

And, through the generosity of the Center's supporters, teachers receive the materials free of charge.

This fall, hundreds of Center supporters coupled their financial support with a personal "thank you" by signing the "Letter to America's Teachers." The letter reads:

Thank you for teaching tolerance and for working to create safer schools. Thank you for caring, for putting in the extra hours and the extra thought to make sure classroom lessons are measured by more than standardized tests. Thank you for preparing future generations for participation in our diverse democracy. Our nation — our world — is forever in your debt.

Many supporters also added individual words of thanks.

"The Bush Administration's restrictive No Child Left Behind Act makes it hard for teachers to do the work necessary to ensure that every student feels welcome at school," said Center co-founder Morris Dees. "We know that our supporters' encouragement will help many teachers get through challenging days this school year."

Throughout the fall semester, the Letter to America's Teachers is being featured on Teaching Tolerance's website.