Statement of Robin Weston, mother of student

I would only like to add that ever since it became clear how much our son had been affected by these actions, my husband and I have been struggling with whether we could have done more to prevent this incident from ever happening. 

Other than taking him out of school, we just can’t think of anything else we could have done to have stopped it.

A few weeks before this happened, we learned that he had been getting into trouble for acting up in class.  He was getting in trouble for not listening, talking too much and other minor misbehavior.  

As parents, even though his behavior was nothing out of the ordinary for a little boy, we certainly didn’t want him to be a distraction in the classroom.

So, we made an appointment to go meet with his teacher and figure out a way to address it.  On several occasions we met with the Principal, teachers, we even sat in the classroom with our son to improve things.  We went to the school to resolve the issues and work with them. 

But, instead of working with us and our son, they handcuffed and shackled him.

And now my son is scarred forever.