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Twenty years of hate: Stormfront hits milestone

The SPLC today launches a series of reports about the activities, principals and funders of Stormfront, the Internet’s largest white supremacist website.

Tomorrow – March 27 – marks 20 years that the white supremacist website Stormfront has been serving up all forms of hate to its racist, anti-Semitic and often-violent audience.

With 300,000 registered users, the site founded by former Alabama Klan leader Don Black is the world’s largest and most prominent Internet forum for racists – a virtual echo chamber of hate.

Today’s report is an exposé on Stormfront radio, launched by Black about a year ago on the Rense Radio Network. Beamed into hundreds of thousands of homes across North America and Europe, Stormfront radio is now one of the largest purveyors of hate propaganda in the world.

Watch this short video about Stormfront and jump to an interactive timeline of the biggest hate forum on the Internet.