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E-mails SPLC received from Dobbs' supporters

Examples of e-mails received by the Southern Poverty Law Center after its president, Richard Cohen, and its Intelligence Project director, Mark Potok, appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight on May 16, 2007.

"Saw you on Lou Dobbs. Glad to see him chew you up and spit you out. Your organization is horrible and I hope an illegal alien without a drivers license runs over and kills someone you love as has happened here and all over the country. You people disgust me and I hope you burn in Hell. In memory of your appearance on Lou Dobbs, I will make a GENEROUS donation to a well known hate group in YOUR NAME, and will do so every time I see you on television or in print."


"Thanks for promoting the interests of trash mud people from around the world at the expense of white people. Let those worthless turds rot in their festering toilet countries. You and your kind are responsible for the decline of America’s standard of living. You can shove tolerance as far up your ass as possible. Hate is alive and growing! Have a nice day!"


"Messrs cohen and potok along with the organization you affiliate yourselves are the most pathetic and putrid sleaze merchants and vagabonds similar to those whom you represent. Unfortunately the early years of the previous century are over, if they were not you and your associates would be hanging by a rope in the city square. You and your illegal aliens are in for some big surprises. The future will be a much better place without you and your supporters."


"I think you should pick another battle and leave Lou Dobbs alone. We will witness the end of the SLP center because I think you fail to see the following that this man has. Thousands would die in the street for Lou and that is not a joke. You are asking for trouble from me and the American people!"