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SPLC: Alabama chief justice ‘playing word games to save his skin’

The Alabama Court of the Judiciary today held a hearing to determine whether to issue a summary judgment in the ethics case against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. 

The ethics charges were brought by the state Judicial Inquiry Commission after the SPLC filed a complaint accusing Moore of abusing his office by instructing probate judges to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, in defiance of federal law. The Court did not issue a ruling today. The following is a statement by SPLC President Richard Cohen following the hearing:

"Roy Moore has abused his power to push his personal agenda for far too long.  He told 68 probate judges to defy a federal court order that he disagrees with, and now he’s playing word games to save his skin.  His arguments are unseemly and dishonest.  Alabama is a great state and it deserves better than a judge like Roy Moore who thinks he is above the law."