CNN commentary: A loophole that lets companies hire 'pretty people'

When hiring, resorts such as Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago have found a way to discriminate against women, older workers, people with disabilities and, more broadly, people who don't have the "look" they want. As the law stands, they'll probably get away with it.

CNN recently reported that for resorts like Mar-a-Lago, "Trump seems to like his overseas workers to be young and attractive, and with strong specific accents from Romania and South Africa."

Aaron Janus, a former executive chef at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, told the network, "They cherry-picked some pretty people."

In the United States, considering someone "pretty" in most cases is not an acceptable standard for hiring if it means not hiring an equally qualified person with a disability, an older worker, or someone of a race, religion or gender that may not appeal to the clientele.

But if a US business uses a recruiter abroad to hire guest workers, it can skirt anti-discrimination laws with impunity.

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