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SPLC statement on President Trump's effort to undermine the Affordable Care Act

We are deeply disappointed in President Trump’s latest effort to undercut the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with an executive order that would roll back key protections for millions of Americans under the health care law.

The solution to our nation’s health care issues is not heartlessly stripping away affordable health insurance – particularly from the working class and those with pre-existing conditions.

But the president’s latest plan would do just that. By allowing healthier people to leave the insurance exchanges for cheaper association health plans and short-term insurance plans, the people most in need would be left behind in the markets with increasingly higher premiums.

Having failed to repeal ACA, the president is now trying a more underhanded approach to disrupt our health care system. Again, it would reward the rich for their wealth and punish the middle-income and poor for their vulnerabilities and challenges.

If the president seriously wants to make America healthier, he should start by working with legislators from both parties to improve our health care system and fulfill his campaign promise: health care for everyone.