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The extremists gathering in Tennessee

The neo-Confederate League of the South and its Nationalist Front allies are preparing to descend on Shelbyville, Tennessee, on the morning of Oct. 28 for the “White Lives Matter” rally.

Here are the groups and extremists expected to be at the rally. Read our Hatewatch blog and follow @Hatewatch on Twitter for more.

Many of the flags and symbols seen in Charlottesville are again on display in Tennessee. Read our blog on the symbols seen in Charlottesville.


League of the South
Nationalist Front
Traditionalist Worker Party
National Socialist Movement
Vanguard America


Matthew Heimbach of the League of the South
Matthew Parrott of the Tradionalist Youth Network
Bradley Dean Griffin, proprietor of Occidental Dissent
Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement
Michael Hill of the League of the South