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SPLC: Alarming new figures show thousands more kicked off Arkansas Medicaid

A new report released this week by the Arkansas Department of Human Services shows that more than 3,800 additional residents were stripped of their Medicaid coverage in October.

This brings the total number of residents kicked off Medicaid since the implementation of the state’s work requirements to approximately 12,500.

These new figures are alarming.

States like Arkansas should be attempting to make access to health care easier, not harder for vulnerable residents. We urge the state to recognize that this is a failed and punitive experiment, and to end it immediately.

The SPLC is part of a team of legal advocates that are challenging Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas, Kentucky and other states.

In June, a federal judge vacated the Trump administration’s approval of Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirements, and sent the proposal back to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.