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March 28, 2017

Last fall, the Florida Senate agreed without objection to strip the Confederate battle flag from its official seal. Today, Florida lawmakers are hearing testimony on a proposal that would go further toward redressing the wounds of slavery: the creation of a Florida Slavery Memorial at the state Capitol.

March 22, 2017

President Trump’s threat to cut off federal funds to “sanctuary” jurisdictions will harm all residents of these areas – not just undocumented immigrants, according to briefs the Southern Poverty Law Center filed Wednesday in support of two California counties that have brought federal lawsuits over Trump’s threat to local governments.

March 21, 2017

In response to the first question posed in his Senate confirmation hearing today, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch said that there is “no such thing as a Republican judge or a Democratic judge – we just have judges in this country.” My guess is that every senator on the Judiciary Committee, particularly the Republicans, knew that what he was saying wasn’t really true, and I’m sure that Judge Gorsuch knew it as well.

March 15, 2017

The SPLC has asked the federal government to release records that could show whether anti-LGBT extremists are influencing the Trump administration's policy decisions, including a yet-to-be signed executive order that threatens widespread discrimination against LGBT people under the guise of religious freedom.