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Southern Poverty Law Center demands justice following release of video showing police beating Black man in Louisiana to death

NEW ORLEANS --The Associated Press (AP) released a video showing the arrest and beating of Ronald Greene by Louisiana State troopers in 2019 in Monroe, Louisiana. Greene, a Black man, was stopped following a traffic chase and shot with a stun gun multiple times even though he was trying to apologize to police. He was then shackled by the ankles and cuffed with his arms behind his back.

Greene was put on his stomach on the ground and appeared unresponsive, it’s recommended in this situation that police officers put someone on their side. Video also shows police dragging Greene while he was cuffed and shackled, one officer calling Greene a “bitch,” and another saying he hopes Greene gets AIDS.

Greene was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital, police originally told Green’s family he died when his car crashed. State officials refused to release the video for two years and did not give the video to the AP. Greene’s death is now being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The following is a statement from Southern Poverty Law Center President and CEO Margaret Huang.

“What’s obvious from the video is that Ronald Greene was beaten to death by the Louisiana state troopers.  He was not a threat to the troopers, but police chose to brutalize him and then tried to cover it up by saying he died when his car crashed.

“It’s important that the Justice Department is investigating this crime because the Louisiana police have claimed the officers on the scene did nothing wrong. The fact that authorities suppressed the evidence for two years demonstrates the urgent need for federal oversight and prosecution.

“This is just the latest in a long line of situations where Black men have been brutalized by police. We had a reckoning with George Floyd but it is not enough. We need justice and accountability for Ronald Greene as well.”