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July 21, 2016

Last April, the leaders of dozens of white supremacist groups got together with an age-old idea: unify the unruly and questionable characters that populate the ranks of the white supremacist world under a new banner. What they came up with was the Aryan Nationalist Alliance (ANA).

Intelligence Report
Winter Issue
November 20, 2013

When Craig Cobb showed up in the near-ghost town of Leith, N.D. a few years ago, he told his new neighbors that he was looking for a quiet place to live. But he was lying. Instead, Cobb was quietly buying up lot after lot as part of a plan to create a "Pioneer Little Europe" – an all-white community he hoped to rename Cobbsville.

Intelligence Report
Summer Issue
May 16, 2013

On May 19, 2012, as many as 18 self-described anti-racists stormed into a suburban Chicago family restaurant and attacked a group of white nationalists meeting for lunch with batons, baseball bats and chair legs. The bloody attack highlighted the long history of endemic violence between white supremacists and “anti-fascists” that also includes the 1998 murder of two anti-racist skinheads in a neo-Nazi plot.