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August 05, 2015

The hate site Stormfront and other racist groups have raked in hundreds of new members and tens of thousands of dollars since Dylann Storm Roof’s brutal June 17 killing spree in Charleston, S.C. Now, Florida officials are investigating Stormfront for illegal business activity.

Intelligence Report
Winter Issue
November 19, 2013

Even in the world of racist skinheads, the group known as Die Auserwählten, or Crew 41, was virtually unknown. Then came a rush of bloody violence in two states.

Intelligence Report
Fall Issue
August 21, 2013

When Heath Campbell appeared in Hunterdon County (N.J.) Family Court on June 3 to fight for the right to visit his 18-month-old son, he had one goal in mind: prove he is a fit father who deserves a second chance. To bolster his chances, the 40-year-old Holland, N.J., man dressed for success — in a Nazi uniform decorated with medals, a swastika armband, and shiny, knee-high leather boots.

Intelligence Report
May 16, 2013

The battle between hard-line anti-racists and neo-Nazis is raging on the Internet, where ‘doxing’ is often the weapon of choice