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Intelligence Report
Spring Issue
June 13, 2000

An immigration lawyer charged with a series of anti-minority murders headed up the tiny 'Free Market Party.'

The California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) was founded in 1994 by Barbara Coe . Its original purpose was to serve as a co-sponsor for California's Proposition 187, which would have denied social and medical benefits to undocumented immigrants and their children. The initiative passed,...
He is the president and founder of American Border Patrol and is best known for his effort to establish a "shadow Border Patrol" by using citizen patrols and various sensors and surveillance equipment to track the movement of migrants crossing the Mexico-Arizona border. In His Own Words "Every...
A stalwart on the racist speaking circuit, Lutton has connections to several hate groups, including the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens , the Holocaust-denying Institute of Historical Review, and the white nationalist journal The Occidental Quarterly . In His Own Words "We are...
Stein has complained that today’s immigrants are engaged in “competitive breeding” to diminish the power of the white majority and has campaigned to repeal a 1965 immigration law that ended racial quotas that largely restricted immigration to Europeans. He has also served as editorial adviser for...
A former Reagan administration appointee, he is longtime South Carolina political operative with deep roots in the GOP. He is also a lifetime member and board member of the white nationalist Council of Conservative Citizens. In His Own Words “Why don’t you go back to where you came from? Puerto...
Named to the OC Weekly 's "Bob Dornan Scary Orange County Hall of Fame" in 2011, Barbara Coe was known for her diatribes against Mexican “savages” and her wild conspiracy theories, including what she describes as a secret Mexican plan to “reconquer” the American Southwest and a shadowy “New World...
Intelligence Report

John Tanton's network of anti-immigrant groups includes these 13 organizations.

Intelligence Report

Read this addition to the Intelligence Report, found exclusively online, that lays out Tanton's plans to further insert FAIR into U.S. politics.

Intelligence Report

The second 'WITAN' memo reviews FAIR's history and urges FAIR to take on legal — not just illegal — immigrants. Conner's vision for a 'Border Security Project' seems to presage today's controversies involving Ranch Rescue and other groups.