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November 08, 2017

HB 1, which would create a new form of private school voucher, has been touted as a safety net for bullied youth, but the reality is that this legislation makes a promise it cannot keep. Instead of providing a safe learning environment for all children, HB 1 would push the victims of bullying out of their schools and into private schools with fewer protections.

Features and Stories
May 26, 2017

Last Saturday, as fluorescent lights illuminated a sea of black and gold gowns, East Side and Cleveland High Schools conferred degrees on their graduating seniors for the last time.

Children's Rights
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May 23, 2017

Mississippi has repeatedly violated a nearly 150-year-old, legally binding obligation to operate a “uniform system of free public schools” for all children, an obligation placed on the state as a condition of rejoining the Union after the Civil War.

Mississippi enshrined this requirement...