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October 30, 2012

Despite a settlement agreement to end the abusive conditions at Mississippi’s largest juvenile detention facility, a court monitor's report shows that officials at the Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center have failed to meet even one of the agreement’s 71 provisions.

Features and Stories
August 09, 2012

The Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum and the state’s attorney general have recognized the right of same-sex couples to hold commitment ceremonies at the museum after the Southern Poverty Law Center demanded the facility end its unlawful policy of refusing to rent the facilities to same-sex couples for such an event.

Features and Stories
July 12, 2012

Ceara Sturgis and her same-sex partner, Emily, have a simple wish: They want their family and friends to attend their commitment ceremony at the Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum. But the state-owned museum’s unlawful policy of refusing to rent its facilities to same-sex couples for commitment and wedding ceremonies threatens to deny that wish.

Children's Rights

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July 10, 2012

Almost two years after finding that Mississippi’s Jackson Public School District violated federal special education law, the Mississippi Department of Education had failed to hold the district accountable and ensure that its students with disabilities were receiving services required by federal law. The Southern Poverty Law Center filed a federal class action lawsuit in 2012 against the department on behalf of these students.

Features and Stories
May 26, 2012

A federal judge has approved a settlement agreement between the Southern Poverty Law Center and the public school system in Jackson, Miss., to reform discipline policies across the district and to end the brutal practice of handcuffing students to railings and poles for hours at a time as punishment for minor rule violations.