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June 18, 2024

An Alabama man who has been charged in connection with racist and antisemitic vandalism in Nashville, Tennessee, appears to associate with organized white power groups, a Hatewatch investigation has revealed.

May 03, 2024

The Holocaust stands as an indelible chapter in human history, characterized by unimaginable suffering, persecution and the systematic extermination of millions of people. It is a haunting reminder of the depths of human cruelty and the perils of unchecked racism and discrimination.

February 09, 2024

The International Religious Freedom Summit (IRF Summit) held annually in Washington, D.C., is a gathering of advocates and policymakers concerned with freedom of religion or belief (FORB). According to the IRF Summit website, part of the conference mission is to “highlight the personal testimonies of survivors of religious persecution and restrictions on religious freedom.”

March 02, 2023

Republican former Rep. Jody Hice of Georgia has joined the Family Research Council (FRC) as a senior adviser to the anti-LGBTQ hate group’s longest-serving president, Tony Perkins. FRC helped launch the religious right as an overt political movement in the 1980s and remains one of the largest anti-LGBTQ organizations in the U.S. Hice described working for the anti-LGBTQ hate group as a “personal mission.”