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May 15, 2017

The leader of a Florida-based sovereign citizen sect, who had been charged with armed kidnapping and false imprisonment, has been given a plea deal by state prosecutors.

February 01, 2018

In this month’s Sovereign Files, a sovereign flat-earther attacks a neighbor with nunchucks, another tries to claim a religious exemption from taxes, and more.

December 15, 2017

On an unseasonably warm and clear afternoon in Anchorage, Alaska, in early December, Anna Maria Riezinger, aka Anna von Reitz, a self-proclaimed judge and internet guru in the anti-government extremist sovereign citizen movement, concludes a three-hour interview in a suburban home with a complex series of prescriptions for the visiting Hatewatch reporter.

June 05, 2018

Public officials in Colorado — including prosecutors, judges and sheriffs — found themselves in the unique position of being crime victims during a barrage of criminal activity by a group of antigovernment sovereign citizens.

June 27, 2017

A sovereign citizen who recklessly drove his pickup in reverse through a Fourth of July crowd, killing one man and injuring eight other people, faces 12 years in prison following a June 19 sentencing hearing in Clinton, Tennessee.

September 25, 2017

Religious extremism and its relation to violent conflict

April 10, 2017

Sovereign citizens are a diverse group of individuals whose activities and motives vary, but whose core tenets are the typically the same. They view United States citizenship, established government, authority and institutions as illegitimate and consider themselves immune from and therefore above the law.