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March 06, 2017

A Florida man accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend and a police officer near Orlando appeared in court last week, using what a judge described as a “sovereign citizen” line of defense.


Intelligence Report
Summer Issue
August 03, 2016

Way back in 2010, the FBI labeled “sovereign citizens” — conspiracy-minded people who believe that most laws and tax requirements don’t apply to them — as a “domestic terrorist” movement. This June, there was another reminder of why.

Intelligence Report
Fall Issue
August 08, 2017

How states are, and are not, fighting back.

June 14, 2017

Sovereign citizens are a diverse group of individuals whose activities and motives vary, but whose core tenets are the typically the same. They view United States citizenship, established government, authority and institutions as illegitimate and consider themselves immune from and therefore above the law.