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Intelligence Report
Fall Issue
August 25, 2012

The National Alliance was once the most important hate group in America. Now, 10 years after the death of its founder William Pierce, the once-pow- erful Alliance has been reduced to nearly complete irrelevance, although that hasn’t stopped its recent recruits from engaging in at least a dozen mur- ders and a range of other crimes.

Intelligence Report
Fall Issue
August 29, 2008

For many white supremacists, a black president might not be all that bad a thing. Others on the racist right disagree

Features and Stories
July 23, 2012

Ten years ago today, William Luther Pierce, the founder and leader of what for three decades was the most important hate group in America, died unexpectedly. Now, a decade after Pierce’s death, the National Alliance, which was once revered on the international radical right as a serious and effective organization, is a shadow of its former self — a joke on the larger neo-Nazi scene that is led by a man who has lost the respect of his former followers.

Intelligence Report
Spring Issue
April 15, 2003

Neo-Nazis and other extremists interpret the deaths of the space shuttle Columbia's multicultural crew as divine judgment.

Intelligence Report
Fall Issue
August 21, 2009

Two writers take on Holocaust deniers in a point-by-point rebuttal. Sadly, 66 years after the war, their book is needed