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Intelligence Report
Summer Issue
June 05, 2015

Muslims have had a hard time in America since 9/11. But in the last few months, it seems clear that things are getting worse

Intelligence Report
Spring Issue
March 10, 2015

Americans were badly shaken this fall when missteps by the Texas hospital that handled one of the first cases of Ebola virus on American soil led to a minor outbreak in the U.S.

December 04, 2014

Rare is the day that I am shocked by something I read online. After all, I spend hours each day immersed in vile racist and anti-Semitic material. That’s my job. But a recent, particularly twisted article by Colin Flaherty on the website American Thinker was really just too much.

Intelligence Report
Winter Issue
November 21, 2014

Ted Nugent called his nationwide summer tour “Shutup & Jam!” but the ’70s rocker did everything but shut up as he was hit with cancelled concerts and blistering criticism for his racist and anti-Indian statements.