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Intelligence Report
Spring Issue

David Kanz, imprisoned for 'paper terrorism,' describes how he got into — and out of — the 'sovereign citizens' movement.

In his own words “Well they’re suing Anglin, I don’t think they’re suing the website. I don’t think they can actually sue the website, I think they’re just suing him, which is retarded because he has no income so it’s like literally blood from a stone … It’s not to make money at all for the SPLC …...
In this article • Background • Disinformation agenda • Russian influence • Ties to white supremacists • Ties to Polish neofascists • Male supremacy agenda • Ties to mainstream figures Jack Posobiec presents himself to the public, misleadingly, as a journalist. The social media company Twitter...
Male supremacy is a hateful ideology advocating for the subjugation of women and rigid gender roles.