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June 12, 2017

The image from nationwide rallies this past weekend seems quite clear: The country’s largest anti-Muslim organization with close ties to the Trump Administration, ACT! for America, is welding its bonds with armed militia and Patriot groups, including Oath Keepers.

Features and Stories
March 07, 2017

Last week, Daniela Vargas spoke at a press conference in Jackson, Mississippi, about her hope that she and other Dreamers could remain in the United States and contribute to the country they’ve long called home.

February 09, 2017

Following the Atlanta Forum last month, where young extremists gathered to brainstorm big ideas to move a faltering neo-Confederate movement forward, Hatewatch has obtained a letter that event attendee Michael Cushman wrote more than a decade ago to National Alliance founder William Pierce, offering his services to "the cause." 

Intelligence Report
Spring Issue
February 09, 2017

Propelled by the Trump campaign and a new focus on the 'alt-right,' the Daily Stormer is now the top hate site in America.