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Intelligence Report
Summer Issue
August 15, 2003

An array of right-wing foundations and think tanks support efforts to make bigoted and discredited ideas respectable.

Features and Stories
August 05, 2003

Judge Myron Thompson ruled in favor of plaintiff Stephen Glassroth in Glassroth v. Moore, finding that the Ten Commandments monument constitutes a "religious sanctuary within the walls of a courthouse," and must be removed from public view.

Features and Stories
July 01, 2003

On July 1, 2003, a federal court supported Judge Myron Thompson's ruling in Glassroth v. Moore that the Ten Commandments monument located in the Alabama Judicial Building must be moved from public view.

Hate & Extremism

Date Filed

June 26, 2003

After a Texas rancher invited the vigilante border patrol group Ranch Rescue to guard his property in 2003, two Salvadorans crossing the U.S. border were terrorized and assaulted by members of the group. The Southern Poverty Law Center filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Salvadorans, obtaining more than $1 million in a settlement and judgments, including the title to Ranch Rescue’s Arizona headquarters.

Criminal Justice Reform

Date Filed

May 13, 2003

Due to a lack of access to doctors and long delays in diagnosis and treatment, seriously ill inmates at one of Alabama's maximum-security prisons sued to receive adequate healthcare.