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We’re working to protect the rights and safety of LGBTQ youth in school and elsewhere.

We’re dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights, dignity and freedom of the LGBTQ community in the Deep South and to removing barriers to equality.

Nehlen acts as an elder statesman for a group of white supremacists intent on pushing their movement in a terroristic direction. Experts on extremism sometimes refer to this supremacist philosophy as a “leaderless resistance,” built on sporadic bursts of violence such as mass shootings. Nehlen is...
The group advocates for a complete theocracy governed by Old Testament law. He is an outspoken anti-gay activist who regularly hosts and speaks at Christian-right events. In His Own Words: “The Bible is clear on moral issues that are culture killers: homosexuality, homosexual marriage, and abortion...

The Civil War ended 154 years ago. The Confederacy, as former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has said, was on the wrong side of humanity. Our public entities should no longer play a role in distorting history by honoring a secessionist government...

We’re working to protect the rights of immigrants and their children to ensure they are treated with dignity and fairness.

We’re fighting to reunite families who remain separated to this day and hold the government accountable for those who suffered.