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Hate & Extremism
Landmark Case

Date Filed

June 14, 1984

On March 20, 1981, members of the United Klans of America abducted a young African-American man at random, put a noose around his neck, beat him, cut his throat and hung his body from a tree. The Center sued the Klansmen and won an historic $7 million judgment.

Immigrant Justice
Active Case

Date Filed

July 17, 2017

Since at least 2016, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials used lies, threats, coercion and physical abuse, among other tactics, to deny migrants access to the asylum process at ports of entry along the southern border.

The SPLC joined a class action lawsuit in 2018 as co-...

Criminal Justice Reform
Active Case

Date Filed

May 30, 2013

Prisoners at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility in Meridian endured filthy and dangerous conditions at the for-profit prison, which operated “in a perpetual state of crisis” where prisoners were at “grave risk of death and loss of limbs,” even resorting to setting fires to receive medical attention. The Southern Poverty Law Center filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the prisoners that described how prison officials had known of these conditions for years but failed to protect prisoners.