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County Attorney Threatened for Prosecuting Border Patrol Agent

By Hatewatch Staff on May 22, 2007 - 3:25 pm, Posted in Uncategorized

Cochise County attorney Ed Rheinheimer is facing threatening consequences for holding a local Border Patrol agent responsible for murder.

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  • J Abney

    Ed Rheinheimer had no difficulty making his decision. He’s now having difficulty living with it. He made the decision because he thought he would generate some political hay. For the most part he’s convinced that he has no one to report to and citizens in general couldn’t possibly know as much as he does. However, when they started responding to his “look at me” approach to his office he was “surprised” and believes people are venting? If after 30 years he still does not know that people expect what they pay for and if he’s living off their dime they expect to be represented. If he does not have the message yet then he’s no good to us. It’s time for him to move on to another county he’s ignored Cochise citizenry long enough and gotten paid for the insult.