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Jena Rally Sparks White Supremacist Rage, Lynching Threat

By Mark Potok on September 20, 2007 - 1:22 pm, Posted in Hate Groups, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist

As tens of thousands of people were preparing to make their way to Jena, La., for today’s anti-racism rally, white supremacists were burning up the Internet with furious denunciations, bloody predictions, promises of future violence and calls for lynching.

“The best crowd control for such a situation would be a squad of men armed with full automatics and preferably a machine gun as well,” is how one person put it on the Web forum hosted by the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network. Added another hopeful VNN poster: “I’m not really that angry at the nogs [a recent variation on an ancient racial slur] — they are just soldiers in an undeclared race war. But any white that’s in that support rally I would like to … have them machine-gunned.”

As the rally began to unfold this morning, it became clear that it would attract huge numbers of people, perhaps even the 40,000 that some organizers had predicted. They came to protest the case of the “Jena 6,” black youths who were charged with serious crimes for an attack on a white youth not long after white teens who had targeted blacks were let off with a slap on the wrist. White supremacists reacted with a strange mixture of anger and admiration for the organizing behind the rally.

But the dominant response was violent rage. “I think a group of White men with AK rifles loaded with high capacity magazines should close in on the troop of howler monkeys from all sides and compress them into a tight group, and then White men in the buildings on both sides of the shitskinned hominids shall throw Molotov cocktails from above to cleanse the nigs by fire,” wrote “NS Cat” on VNN. Another poster fantasized about a terrorist attack in Jena today: “Wouldn’t that be sweet? Gosh darn, wouldn’t that be sweet? Good LORD wouldn’t THAT be SWeeeeEET? Boom, Boom, no more Coon! Well? A White man can dream can’t he?”

“If these blacks want a race war,” added a poster on Stormfront, another white supremacist Web forum, “they will get one. Bring it on.”

In Roanoke, Va., an especially virulent purveyor of race hate, neo-Nazi Bill White, this afternoon posted the home addresses and phone numbers of five of the six black youths who make up the Jena 6 under this headline: “Addresses of Jena 6 Niggers: In Case Anyone Wants to Deliver Justice.” White previously posted the home addresses of Southern Poverty Law Center president Richard Cohen and SPLC cooperating attorney James Boren.

White, the leader of the American National Socialist Workers Party, suggests that readers “get in touch and let them know justice is coming.” Another White posting on the matter doesn’t hold anything at all back: “Lynch the Jena 6.”

rmoore.jpgRobert Moore (right), a well-known neo-Nazi leader from Baton Rouge, La., apparently abandoned plans he had discussed on Stormfront Wednesday to protest the Jena rally, possibly while carrying guns. Instead, he wrote later, “If they DO start rioting and looting and burning and raze the town to the ground, White Pride Construction will be there the next day to help them rebuild.” In fact, Moore’s company, started in 2005, has done a great deal of post-Katrina rebuilding on the Gulf Coast — a truly remarkable thing, given that its name includes a widely known racist slogan.

  • gene willis

    nbpp,the new black kkk lead by the obama regine.if whites had the upper hand as these black kkk people seem to believe,then why do the black kkk have all the elements on there side to protect there racism?the black kkk can say and do whatever they want because eric holder who supports the black kkk allows racism has become the norm here in gutter city u.s.a. and the jew media also supports it.anti-racism is anti-white genocide.

  • http://WWW.GMAIL.COM mukeshbajiya

    The best crowd control for such a situation would be a squad of men armed with full automatics and preferably a machine gun as well,” is how one person put it on the Web forum hosted by the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network.

    preferably a automatic machine gun.

  • davis

    the world is a changing place….
    racial diversity is a fact of life….there is no such thing a superior/supreme race.history has proven so over and the future will prove so again.people should be proud of their races, but should never think their race is superior to other.they may have a right to think that their races are superior (very unsophisticated) but should never be in shock when other’s who dont think like wise express their the 21st century its a tragedy for human kind that people are rascist…..a better worl worl is a world of rascial harmony and not bigotry

  • kiley

    as a white American, i believe white is right. i KNOW white is right. i am only 15 years old but i am wise enough to realize this fact. in the writings above they rant about how horrible the beliefs of white supremacists are, how we discriminate, how we make threats, and sometimes act on them. but does it mention what the [slur deleted] do? does it mention what the alienating border hoppers do? NO! of course not.. for fear that the truth will prevail. THE TRUTH my friends is that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS come into this country that our forefathers worked so incredibly hard to build and they exploit it! they come here and commit crime NOT ENHANCE OUR CULTURE as monkey loving liberals try to make us believe!! they are social parasite’s that feed of the country’s generosity and willingness to let them do so!! white supremacists FIGHT for their race, to make a difference for the GREAT or good. and you bash them for it? our country was built on such people whether you would like to believe it or not.

  • Anonymous



  • Dietrich

    Looks like one of your hero groids beat another human half to death:

    According to a police report, the student felt Purvis come behind him and “grab his neck with one hand and begin to choke him.” Purvis then said, “Don’t you ever mess with my car again” and slammed the student’s head into the bench of a table and walked away, the report said. The student’s left eye was injured, but Singleton didn’t know whether he needed medical attention after seeing the school nurse.

    School district declined to comment on details of the incident.

    Purvis was one of six black Jena High School students initially charged with attempted murder after a 2006 assault on a white student. Charges were reduced, but the original counts caused complaints of harsh, racially motivated prosecution that led to 20,000 people marching in Jena.


    What is the world coming to when a young black gentleman can’t beat the hell out of a honkey at school for no reason? Call the Jews, and the ‘groids they ride in on! Rally! Rally!

  • Racial Realist

    Wow, this is stupid. Us whites only want to live in peace without black and jewish interference.

  • Cassandra

    I truely look forward to the day that we no longer see a person by their colour, I cannot in anyway relate to the importance that some people put on what colour a person is or what country they are from, the amazing thing is that most of these shallow views are based on absolute heresay & backward views from another time, all people are equal and all connected, when I think bad of another I bring that energy back to myself, and the way I see it “You can add to the love in the world or to the hate” we all have a part to play in the theatre of life and in the end we all experience the same emotions – I’m not here to Judge but simply to witness and I wish for all of you inner peace & forgiveness of yourselves and others.

  • plcombs


    Are you as illiterate as you appear through your writing? I’ll assume your post was a total “put on”. If not, seek medical attention.

  • bruce

    turns out it wasn’t much of a rally only the usual suspects showed know jessy and al the racist extortionists. what you fail to mention is that these negroes are criminal bullies well known to the police.the whole tree business was a teenage prank that was delt with by the school but the negroes attacked whites any you see why the whites do not want to associate violent racist negroes.look at any negro community they are a cesspool of violent crime and aberrant behavior just like negroes in africa. when are you start acting like civilized humans?

  • Proud 2 B Black

    It is ok for us to hang from your trees but our kids are not allowed to sit or stand under them? Or was the problem that they were in the same school, well fool it’s called segration and I want to thank you for reminding us that people like yourself are still out there and maybe we got too relax and thought for minute that the white society knew it was the year of 2008 and who in the hell is afraid of you cowards anyway. Stop! Stop playing you don’t like black when everything you do in the in dark.
    May God continue to bless equal rights
    for all people, Yes even you, with your mixed up blood self. I willing to bet if your friend did a search they will find some traces of black blood from your ancestor rooting from slavery.

    Who Knows Who is Whoes Baby’s Daddy.

    Or maybe God will bless you with a biracial grandchild from one of your children or grandchildren. You love does not have any color and for sure what goes around comes around.

  • Mickey

    WHat a shame,
    humans so desire to be close to the Higher Power that we beat each other down over race, religeon, finances and education. What is left for us to discriminate about? Cant you all see the Earth is alive and well and is trying to shake us all off. Mother Earth, the ground on which we walk ,is a living changing thing just as we are and it is reacting to all of the negative karma mankind has been sending out. The blurring of the seasons, the wacky weather, the many natural disasters coming in rapid succession…this was never normal 30-35 years ago, our KARMA is causing it.



    YOUR NEWS: what choices will YOU make?

  • Greg

    Another good source of info on hate groups operating in the U.S. you should check out:

  • Brian Stewart

    To Dee, well if you’ve worked in Pelican Bay you have seen the root of all evil, still alive and well in modern times. City of Quartz, the book about LA’s hospitality suites is really interesting. To me the fact that the US is building more and more seg units and throwing more and more people into these for more and more inventive reasons is really scary. Current research thinking is that kind of hermetically sealed segregation(separated from all normal real world cues) causes real brain damage including schizophrenia in some. If it was originally a policy mistake they should have been disbanded by now, but obviously our government has chosen to damage the brains of a significant percentage of its prisoners. Clearly the Supreme Court is negligent in its oversight of the Administrative branch, and Congress as usual is just as negligent. These supposedly highly educated justices, with both college and top law school educations, substantial experience in learned manners simply choose to ignore this cruel and unusal punishment. Has even anyone on the court taken up the cause? They could build more human naturalistic seg units(not hermetically sealed metal cans) and give people things to do if they chose. The silence of the court on this is just amazing to me. What have we become? We all know we have some real behavior problems in some of our people, but is damaging their brains further therapeutic or ethical?

  • Brian Stewart

    What I am trying poorly to say is that the prison system, the justice system, the whole puritan punative mentality in America is oppressing all of us right at the first level-the walking four-limbed human level before we can even get into the race thing. I see many a white person who is alien from other white people I see, and they aren’t the same thing. You can say they are the same race, but to me they are two completely different species not only mentally, emotionally, but also physically as I can pick up a subtle difference in them even though they are gasp-the same white color. But they are different kinds of people and as visceral as it gets. See, they want to oppress those of us who just think and feel differently. On one level they don’t care about the race thing at all, as what they care about is simply control of all of us. Then when they push me down, they look for a handle to push the rest down, and if race is there, or freckles, or eye color, or ancestry(the nazi’s to the jews, poles, slav’s, catholics, oh they didn’t care much whom) they simply used that. If we can all get beyond the race self-absorption thing and look at who wants to help us be free humans first and foremost we can see we are really all have the same dilemma from these control people. They will use my point of view against me, and the color of anothers skin against them. It really doesn’t matter much what they use to them. As long as we stay at odds among ourselves over the race thing as being the only issue they win because they split us all apart. If you ethnocent out your allies in this thing what are you really saying? The prison system is going after something much bigger than our skin, but like satan(abstract it as much as you want), it wants our souls and it will use every trick in the book to get them. And I disagree that somehow after leaving that theater it had no effect on my life, as being an empath I picked up the very same goggles they were looking at me with and employed them on the outside world and realized what little options they left me. They were more like unforgiving blinders that scrunched my head than useful frankly. You may deny my human feelings and realization in all this, but I was profoundly disturbed by the psychic space such a large audience of people clinginly held onto to such a degree they dehumanized the two of us in their midst as somehow being nonhuman or nonsympatico in their world. They weren’t like this when we checked in as all seemed pleasant and well normal. But as if someone flipped a switch they went into mode. But I am in this world too and am human!! Yet all I get back when I bring it up is denial, denial, denial. So I guess I am not supposed to be in this world after all except in some supposed oppressive role. Sometimes someone can hold onto a grudge more strongly than a piece of cake, but you can’t eat a grudge and it won’t nourish you. But the grudge is noisier, and well convienent to wear like a hat. Its like a type of jewlry, not really natural, but iconic and imaginal and tinted with a kind of pride. All this psychological stuff is once again being exploited by satan by all the cultural confusion in his employ to keep people’s souls in pain and under his thumb. No-one seems to want to give up that precious hat. That advantages those who want to control us. Now you may want to write me off for even making mention of the satan archetype by taking it as literal. But the psychological aspects of this whole thing, of racism in America, of the threat of Prison in America, the great big modern police state that it has become, are so profound that paired with greed and aggressive arrogance by the power structure it shows us way out of balance. But simply being antithetical to it while trying to copy its form, but more to your liking, is flawed at its very conception. Reminds me of that first real book I read “Animal Farm” and what happens when one power structure overthrows the given and then becomes the given and does the same darn things in just another iteration. We have to push beyond that repetition by just being different.

  • Dee

    To Brian:
    You seem to accept the system as it is excusing it with a racial lens and I see it as fundamentally flawed by people who demonize others and then throw them in their prisons as their way to control society which means all the races, and that applies to all of us as we all feel it too and we all have feelings.

    I see your point. I worked in 9 prisons, Quentin, Pelican Bay, and did this in 2 states. The facts, historically and now, support the fact that blacks are thrown in prison at rates 10 times greater than whites, for similar offenses. This began right after slavery and with the 13th amendment, when freed slaves were gathered up, put into prison for even spitting on the ground, and then put in chain gangs and back on plantations, as the states contracted with individuals for free labor. The main thing is to decrease the voting power of blacks and other minorities, just as the same motivation caused America to repeal the voting rights of the freed slaves after their votes determined the presidential election results.

    The recent supreme court decision to address the disparities in sentencing of black and white offenders.
    “…Even the sentencing commission’s striking move on Tuesday, meant to address the wildly disproportionate punishments for crack and powder cocaine, will have only a minor impact. Unless Congress acts, many thousands of defendants will continue to face vastly different sentences for possessing and selling different types of the same thing.

    Crack and powder cocaine are two forms of the same drug. But, under the old guidelines, a drug dealer selling crack cocaine was subject to the same sentence as one selling 100 times as much powder.

    Street dealers selling crack got much longer sentences than the wholesalers who sold them the powder they used to make it. Eighty-five percent of people convicted of crack offenses are black…”

    I worked in a Methadone Clinic a couple months ago. 16,000+ white people, shooting and selling heroin, doing methamphetamine, oxycodone, etc. were all given a pass and sent to the clinics versus prison. The same judges put black men away for a long time. The NAACP and all of the people most white conservatives hate, have been working on this for a long time. 2 million in prison however assures us that the punitive nature of America will grow worse, because now they have to sustain a system of paychecks and retirement. The disparities have always been in America but if you don’t deal with it or give your life to studying and addressing it, like the SPLC, then there is no reason you would know the truth or have a need to know the truth.

    The article above was about the racist whites threatening blacks but none of the posts addressed that. That is common around the whole Internet. I say, yes. whites have feelings, whites go through some things, some worse than others, but things like W. Va, they don’t go through for being white, at least not as often. When they do, the justice system will come down on Negroes like a hammer on a nail. That is just the way it is. It is important for whites to acknowledge and appreciate their privileges in this world, but most of them don’t. It is equally important for black americans to appreciate the things they have in this country, though most of them don’t. That goes for Hispanics and Asians, always seeking utopia. However, injustices must be addressed and they will continue to be by those called to do so.

    That only by joining forces and confronting those in power that suppress our joint freedoms and opportunities, can we change it for real. The race thing is more mirage than most will admit.

    Amen to the above. The mirage becomes tangible when people continue to do the things they do, when centers like the SPLC are forced to exist. I have come to believe that mankind is incapable of reason, at least for long term policies and that those who have power want to keep it, no matter what. This country was based in slavery and it will always be, regardless of its rhetoric.
    Early in our history, whites started defecting over to the Indians, cutting their hair like Indians, joining tribes, adopting their ways. The feds came down and made these things punishable by death or imprisonment. Abolitionists were killed, etc. That is America. That is it’s foundation. That is the fodder for our most basic laws.

    That is at least my opinion.

  • Dee

    Brian Stewart:
    I too wake up race-less, that is, until I go outside, here in the South. In LA, I thought nothing of race unless it came up in a discussion with a friend, on the Internet or unexpectedly. I know it was a strange thing going to that theater and experiencing what you stated. My hope is that those who decided to disrespect you as a person do not become the mouthpieces of Black America. I have watched the transformation in this country over several decades and the physical is the focus of all things media and unfortunately, Americans are not the brightest bulbs in the world’s chandelier. The thing is, their disregard for simple human respect was a symptom of individuals and once you left the theater, your life was not affected one way or the other, with regard to food, clothing or shelter. That is the difference between black and white racism. Depending on who is wielding the discrimination the outcomes vary. Not to say there aren’t blacks in power mistreating whites, abusing whites or judging whites by the color of their skin, but as you must admit, there are significantly fewer examples. In my opinion, night of the living dead is the best way to decribe our contempory society. Peace.

  • Brian Stewart

    I dunno, the thing I am trying to say, is when I wake up in the morning I am just me, not a race. Sure I inhabit a human body but the spirit inside is unique and not always in synch with the body or the world it inhabits. Frankly most white or any people I first run into during the day says to me “uh oh, human beings around, watch out!” but the color of their skin isn’t the first thing I see, but rather their energy, demeanor, their sheen or soul inside then the color and their hair start to fill in the gaps if needed as I try and figure out who, what?. Sure if someone wants to dress and act a part out of casting central and be a stereotype as they feel “the need” to do that, no matter who they want to pretend to be, more power to them, but at least put in a full effort. I mean people are behind the eyes, and yeah, if only half full and poorly led they are capable of anything including nothing. The westies who immigrated from Ireland are in my book the toughest meanest fighting gangsters out there but again I don’t see them as a bunch of wanna be crackas, but rather just a crazy ethnocentric group of “humans”. I think what parents teach their young, and the love or lack of they were raised in, a person’s own self and worldly awareness shows quickly upon the person. I will never forget going to a neat play in Los Angeles that happened at an all black theater except for us two whites, and everyone was gracious and elegant and I was enjoying their story when the actors suddenly stopped on stage and pointed us two out to the theater goers as symbols of the the white America that use to lynch them. Talk about awkward! They were even mad at us, but let it go fortunately and went back to the play we thought we were going to see that evening. It was educational. I have to admit I never went back, and probably should of as outside of that it was a really cordial evening. It is funny nobody apologized or was embarrassed about it to us. If it had been a white theater troop that did this to its two sole black patrons it would have ended up in the LA Times and court. It was a strong message to us that we were the two aliens there, not personaly about us though, and honestly we went absolutely naively thinking it would be fun and educate us as I didn’t feel like I was a particular race or they were either. I never thought it would be seen as an intrusion as the arts are for all. Their story was about jazz and being musical myself I never felt it was about anyone race anymore than rock n roll or the blues or rockabilly was. Its just impossible to explain that you can feel raceless and how freeing that is livin ones life no matter what others think. So I still wake up off the race grid in my mind and intentions. Truthfully, we are all mixtures of races and assorted tribes going way back to when we just migrated in different directions from the same home base and let nature work her will on us over the millenia.

  • Dee

    John: As far as what black youths do in fights, it is no different than whites and hispanics. Usually the whites and Hispanics are the pack ratters and historically, until the recent activities of Hispanics, no one can top whites when it comes to mob violence and brutal attacks. Ask any prison guard, especially at places like Pelican Bay. Go over the Internet and watch the brutality of whites and try to racialize a whole group of people. You mask your racism with opinions and expect people to take it as facts.

  • Dee

    TO JOHN:
    Motive and Opportunity: The Difference Between White and ‘Other’ Racism

    By Tim Wise

    Even that simple admonition however, often proves too much for some to digest. The idea that white racism should be seen as fundamentally different than the “racism” of people of color is one many find unpalatable, or just plain hard to defend, especially to those whose grounding in these subjects is limited, and who tend to believe that prejudice is prejudice, and all should be equally condemned…

    go to the link if you care to read this.

  • Dee

    Brian Stewart: I agree with you. However, the lens in America is built upon race, from the constitution down. So if we choose to individually lose that jaded view, great. It’s those who wield power, the power of life and death, imprisonment and freedom, etc. that ultimately matters, though the rest of us count on juries. Well stated points you make.

  • Dee

    John, you are a racist, pure and simple. People like you make the world a worse place. You are like thorns in the sides of society, always negative, always judgemental and always wrong. Like the bible says, take the beam out of your own eye before trying to remove the splinter from others. Whites are ruthless in their violent crimes. Please. Don’t be so naive in pointing fingers. All you have to do is turn on biography, court tv, forensic files, etc., or go to the torture sites or even youtube. And most blacks work so stop the propaganda. You are a real piece of work and the reason sites like this exist, you moron.

  • John

    The problem as I see it is not only is there Racism in blacks and whites . Why is it the Black Youths act like a pack of animals when they get together. Let one person fall to the ground and they will attack and kick until he is no more. Each one wants to add his contribution to someone elses pain. The school dropout rate for Blacks is twice the rate for whites. The hispanic dropout rate is twice that of blacks but you don’t see them rioting and blaming everyone else for their hard luck. Why is the black on black crime higher then any other. Does Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton have actual jobs or do they get there money from unsuspecting Black people, I feel sorry for the whites who unwittingly think they are helping the white-black relations. They will be the first to have their bubble burst. Wise up people you’re being used. Just like with the Lacrosse team they came to straighten up the white people only to find out later the people they came to defend are guilty. But you can bet there was no apology to the people wrongly accused. Black rights are brought up when they want something. Racism is only an excuse. To the many thousands that work everyday for a living I salute you. To the many thousands that only want that handout I feel sorry for you.

    Forty thousand people make the Jenna March . The good thing about that was only four of them missed work.

    What are these people going to do when they start drug testing the SSI recipients

  • Brian Stewart

    To Dee. I try and not let any particular lens get stuck on me so I can look at things fresh, which generally means race free. Of course 24 years in prison is crazy for a school fight or assualt or whatever it was. I think prison is the wrong way to go as its not justice to waste people’s lives that way. And I know nothing about the white girls, but I do know justice in America doesn’t really exist and the courts are a lottery and to be a winner you need a lot of money and gumption. You seem to accept the system as it is excusing it with a racial lense and I see it as fundamentally flawed by people who demonize others and then throw them in their prisons as their way to control society which means all the races, and that applies to all of us as we all feel it too and we all have feelings. That only by joining forces and confronting those in power that suppress our joint freedoms and opportunities, can we change it for real. The race thing is more mirage than most will admit.

  • Dee

    Dear P. Combs: I have to admit I could be considered impolitic but I love debate. I grew up in an era when people exchanged ideas without feeling insulted and I forget to tone it down when I find someone with which I can exchange ideas.

    I suppose my posts seemed combative because I did not address your comments and was hurt because you judged the one post which means much to me. Will explain later.

    I have listened to decades of race discussions and the berating of black people, who just happened to be black, and commit crimes or errors. More than any other race on the planet blacks are openly disparaged. What if someone wrote a book, Hispanics need to stop gang banging, or Whites need to stop raping children and using meth, or Chinese need to stop doing home invasions in Arcadia, CA. It would never happen. As a result, there are serious self-esteem issues in the black race that go unaddressed. Every black person has to listen to a generalization of the negative and rarely, even by other blacks, the positive. Even blacks believe black is bad and I’d not just speaking of black dolls. Tyler Perry made over 100 million dollars writing plays of ridiculous stereotypes that blacks have come to embrace as much as everyone else. Well it is not the majority and I guess with that in mind, and you not knowing, I over reacted to your statements. I apologize.

    Whether it is Cosby or documents I have from the 1700s it’s the same, the racialization of criminal or bad behavior.

    Also, I went back over the posts and read the things you had to say, which I admit, I hadn’t done thoroughly. I apologize for not addressing your declarations and concerns. With respect to your race or mulatto status, I have no problems at all. I raised a little mulatto step son and most of my friends are white. I state the former because I taught him to ignore his physicality as a portal to letting others in. I taught him that his internal character and soul were the most important, that God blessed him with beauty and that, like the very ugly, the beautiful must be on-guard against a shallow world, willing to use him physically to bolster their own insecurities and ignore his internal gifts and beauty.

    If anything, I find most black people to be conversationally apathetic or adverse, in many ways understandably, with respect to racial discussions that generally leave them accused, generalized, scapegoats and identified by their physical characteristics or by the actions of others who share their skin color but not their individual characters. They become their race and not their feelings, their accomplishments, their hopes or their dreams. But, there is big money in bashing blacks, as the writer of The Bell Curve declared on CSPAN, book notes, pointing out the cathedral ceilings in his renovated garage, stating that it all came from the book. Cosby knows that too. It’s the disparity, it’s always the disparity.

    It’s like being called nigger or any other ethnic slur. Epithets diminish the value of an individual, generally speaking.

    I agree with you that these Jena boys were not perfect. There was, however, a documented, year long, cause and effect trail and disparate resolutions based on race, which in La, is par for the course.

    The white ones did what they were taught to do. The black ones reacted to a series of events emotionally and not well tempered. That’s the nature of boys. The adults should have been mature enough to quell the incidents that led to a worldwide campaign. In both cases I blame the adults in the town, who handled the case wrongly and allowed it to spiral into what it ultimately became. Jena is a good example of historical impact. However, the issue, worldwide for the black boys has been the disparate treatment. That is the only issue and that is not limited to Jena.

    In terms of Jesse and Sharpton, what you labeled a diatribe is the basis for a huge project by blacks worldwide to actually institute real change. By identifying systemic and institutional problems, the lack of a country, a virtual country is being created. You see, I do not ascribe to the common belief that blacks are criminals or intrinsically bad.

    That sentiment is traceable to the early 20th century, but other characterizations, which still live, have never died. If there are 700,000 blacks in prison, there are also 6 million intact families, over 3 million single black fathers, and 4 million living veterans that have served this country. Only 20,000 blacks were infected with AIDS but ABC ran a special calling it a black disease. The girl who was imprisoned in W. Va. suffered unconscionable acts by felons, 2 of which were convicted of 1st and 2nd degree murder of a step mother and a father. They each served less than 5 years.

    If I ignored your posts it was because I became detracted by your ad hominem attacks, which for me, is a past time. I cannot debate, disagree or in any way offend my clients so the Internet is my relief. I sometimes forget how sensitive people are and that my world is the exception and not the rule. But I love the exchanges, the one upmanshipping and I wish I had an outlet for it. Maybe I will create a website for it, specifically!!

    Finally, I want to say that I thought all of your comments to be logical and well-thought-out. I do not agree with some of them but from a perspective of creating a country that addresses, in real time, all of the problems in the black community. I do not think blacks should be less than human nor that they have to be better than the others, who find they get passes, or at least not racialized for serial killings, rapes, murders, etc.

    Also, I believe the lack of empathy and sympathy for the everyday things many blacks go through, something I fully realized after moving to the deep south, is terrible but it is grounded in history. When a slave was shot for leaving the field for a drink of water, the overseer raised his rifle and killed the slave. When the family and friends of this poor soul dropped in the field, he was still alive but the other slaves were told if they didn’t go back to work and moved one more step they’d be shot too. They did as they were told. The man laid there until the vultures picked his meat to the bones. It was published in an 1800s newspaper in a section where slave masters bragged about their injustices to man.

    Today, even those suffering the most rarely complain, though victim-hood is ascribed to them. I see it everyday down here and became a victim of it in a way I’d never have believed before I left California. That is why I support the SPLC and understand the evil souls of mankind. That is why I can empathize now and understand a modicum of what the slaves suffered and those who lived through Jim Crow. I also worked in 9 California Prisons, in the death rows and high security units. I have had more experience that 99% of the people I’ve met and am using it to help create a program for black people and poor people that is unprecedented. Therefore, these things that we’ve written about consume my thoughts, and finding solutions is difficult but requires an integrity few other things require. Thank God I have an army of bright people, worldwide, helping make this happen.

    That is a huge problem to address and unless there is something better, Jesse and Al are it, as far as the media outlets are concerned.