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Neo-Confederate Movie Director Takes on New Cause

By Brentin Mock on October 11, 2007 - 10:26 am, Posted in Conspiracies, Nativist Extremist, Neo-Confederate

Movie director Ronald Maxwell (below, right) — the writer, director and producer of the god-awful 2003 movie rmaxwell.jpg“Gods and Generals,” a wildly pro-Confederate and ahistorical take on the Civil War — has adopted a new cause: the threat allegedly posed to right-thinking Americans by undocumented Mexican immigrants. In a Sept. 17 interview with Jeff Mellott of the Daily News Record of Harrisonburg, Va., Maxwell declared that Mexican immigrants’ ultimate goal was “outright annexation” of the Southwestern United States. Adopting the so-called reconquista conspiracy theory widely touted by the radical right, Maxwell explained to Mellot that “they [Mexican politicians and intellectuals] see it as a re-conquering.” “The American people are funding their own suicide,” Maxwell said. “If we stop paying taxes, this craziness stops.”

Maxwell also last month stumped for anti-immigrant hard-liners running for Republican offices in Virginia. The Washington Post reported on Sept. 23 that Maxwell wrote in to the Loudoun Times-Mirror, which covers the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., to ask: “Why on earth would we want to create the conditions in the American Southwest, or for that matter all across America, for future civil strife, or in a worst case scenario, civil war?” Similarly, in an open letter to President Bush last year, Maxwell referred to immigration as an “invasion masquerading as immigration.” He told Bush that his legacy would be described “as the President who saved (or lost) the South-West of the United States.”

Maxwell has suggested he’s working on an immigration movie before. Last year, he told the highly conservative National Review magazine that he was at work on a satire called “Armada.” While there is no reference to a film by that name in the International Movie Data Base, the Daily News Record reported that Maxwell has scheduled his new film for a December release. It is financially backed, the newspaper said, by $100,000 from Walter Curt, a major campaign contributor to hard-line Republican immigration opponents, including Virginia State Rep. Virgil Goode and former U.S. Sen. George Allen of Virginia. Curt was once the chief operator of Shenandoah Electronic Intelligence Inc., which had as one of its clients the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. He’s reported to have sold SEI Inc. for $75 million. He has donated over $700,000 to conservative political causes including the rabidly anti-gay Restore America PAC and the anti-tax group Virginia Conservative Alliance, to whom he’s contributed over $277,000.

godsfilm.jpegSince “Gods and Generals” flopped at the box office, Maxwell has had trouble finding money for his work. Last year officials in Washington County, Va., threatened to sue him when he failed to repay their $300,000 loan for “The Last Full Measure,” a film that was supposed to complete the Civil War trilogy of which “Gods and Generals” was a part. Maxwell began repaying the loan this May after news reports made the lawsuit public.

  • Boris

    Gods and Generals was a wonderful movie that I am proud to own.

  • Evan Thomas

    I don’t understand how you can call the movie “God-awful.” It was very accurate in the portrayal of the personalities on both sides of the war.

  • Chrisy

    I liked the movie. The thing that was really sad was that it showed good people on both sides who really were torn because they loved this country, God, and knew that both sides would have to do things that were bad. War is terrible and Civil War is the most terrible because families are fighting each other in many cases.

    I think the story of both sides should be told. Let the Story of the South be told. Let the story of the North be told. That tragic War is part of our nation’s history. We must not hide from it, but be able to examine it so that hopefully it does not happen again where brother has to fight brother.

    Why is everyone so afraid of letting someone who has a different thought express themselves. We are so afraid that someone might say something that we disagree with that instead of listening to them with an open mind we attack them. I see this from both sides. One side calls the other side racist for wanting to make a movie that told the South’s side. Ted Turner even spoke in the version of the movie I have. He isn’t a racist. He wouldn’t endorse a racist movie. The other side calls people who disagree with them a red commie, or a jew or some other name. On and on it goes.

    I say let this man make his movies and let the market place decide on if it is good or not.

  • Billy Yank

    I would not worry about Maxwell and his new “cause”. It is sad to see how bad God’s and Generals really was. It could have been a great movie about the battles leading up to Gettysburg if that was the story he wanted to tell. Or, it could have been a great biographical movie about Jackson. But, Maxwell tried to do both in one film and it flopped. There are great scenes, but he tried to do too much. The other thing the killed G & G was it was so full of Lost Cause rhetoric you could almost see it dripping off the screen.

  • Cajie

    I love the movie “Gods and Generals” and I play it all the time.
    I love the song by Dylan – because it is the TRUTH!

    I am furious that You get away with your media biased bashing of black and white Southern Confederate History and their descendants – you caused the movie to flop. A movie that all should see, but then social science during that period of time is not in your best interest – which is hate mongering and race card playing bias.