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Bad Week for Alamo Ministries

By Susy Buchanan on October 16, 2007 - 6:46 am, Posted in Anti-Catholic, Anti-LGBT, Intelligence Report

talamo180.jpgThe first week of October was a rough one for World Pastor Tony Alamo, the cult leader who for decades has claimed “homosexuality is caused by demon possession” and the U.S. government is an agent of the “satanic” Catholic Church.

On Oct. 2, Tony Alamo Christian Ministries member Leslie Ray “Buster” White was indicted by a federal grand jury in Tyler, Texas, on charges of trafficking in 1,475 pairs of counterfeit Nike tennis shoes as well as illegally copied CDs. (White has been described as the associate pastor of Alamo Ministries, although Alamo denied that to the Texarkana [Texas] Gazette.) During an FBI raid of White’s Great American Outlet Mall — where the counterfeit goods were allegedly sold — federal agents also seized nearly $110,000 in cash.

The next day, the Intelligence Report released “The Ravening Wolf,” an investigative article detailing the 73-year-old Alamo’s history of tax evasion, vicious anti-Catholic and anti-gay rhetoric, and polygamy. Alamo, who has himself had multiple wives, preaches that little girls should marry as soon as they start menstruating and cites, among other things, the alleged promiscuity of first-graders. This is a photo of Jackie Garner, 12, on her wedding day.


The article provoked a storm among Alamo followers and critics, with some 11,000 people, by one count, reading the story online in a single day.

In the counterfeit case, White pleaded innocent after his arrest. Alamo, for his part, told the Texarkana paper that White was being “railroaded because he goes to my church.” If convicted, White could face up to 25 years in federal prison and $2,250,000 in fines. Trial is scheduled for December.

  • stacie smiles

    Wow R the parents who sacraficed their own children to this pedophile being held for selling their children. If u R hanging with the people who commit a crime the law gets u for accomplice. where is the justice for these poor girls esspecially the 8 yr old. :. ( Very sad .

  • Carol Fryer

    It somewhat bothers me that child rape and pediphia would get 5-30 years and a local case of a man doing drugs got 141 years aproximately. So drugs are more important then children? Boy are we backward. Im so glad he got arrested though.

  • Dyann

    I thank God and ALL the Survivors who came forward to so diligently pursue their tormentor for so many years.

    I especially thank SPLC HateWatch and the website owners of for the outstanding jobs they have done to keep this criminal in the forfront of law enforcements memory so that they would NEVER forget the Ravening Wolf in our Midst.

    I have a wonderful feeling about this. I believe the Federal Case is going to cinch Alamo’s demise, and the Arkansas State Police as well as the US Marshall’s office FINALLY heard our collective voices!

    I have NO thanks to the local Fouke, AR law enforcement (term used loosley) who sat on all the information and testimonies from these witnesses for years and literally YEARS without doing anything at all about it.

    Only Terry Purvis, Mayor of Fouke, AR can be thanked for forwarding all the complaints above the loop of the Keystone Fouke Cops.

  • Crime News

    Thursday, FBI Agents arrested Tony Alamo in Flagstaff, Arizona. A Federal Arrest Warrant was issued for Alamo in the Western District of Arkansas for violating United States Code Title 18, Section 2423. This statute is defined as knowingly transporting a minor (under 18) across state lines with the intent to engage in sexual activity. If convicted of the alleged crime, Alamo could get 5 to 30 years in prison.

  • IH

    I dated Tony Alamo way back before he became an “Evangical”. I am not surprised in any way that he ended up this way. He has a corrupt devilish way about him. He was a liar and a sleaze bag even back then, and I hope this porn driven , pedophile goes to prison and rots. He is more sleazy than anyone will ever know. What a scummy slimeball. I hope his so-called church falls apart, because it was built on lies, sin, deceipt, and perversion. and it has ruined the lives of so many innocent children. If any of you members have been brainwashed by him seek help. He is as bad as Jim Jones , and we all know what happened to him and his followers. He has a demon inside him. He does not speak the words of the bible and Gods true word. Open your eyes and rejoice that he has been arrested again.

  • Claudia

    Steve O.,
    IF you are not taking dictation from toni himself, and writing these ignorant things, you need to wake up, now ! all these witnesses against the preaching pedophile, toni alamo, are just telling of the things they have heard and seen, down through MANY YEARS, enduring the abuses of toni alamo !! I was married to a psychopathic abuser, and in 1987 toni alamo had him (and others) hold an 11 year old boy in the air, to be swatted till blood oozed out of his pants !! If you have some kind of hangup, believing the things we say, go to the Los Angeles Sherif’s Dept. they raided the Saugus property, soon after Justin Miller got his 140 swats, given as alamo read scriptures out of the BIBLE !!! don’t be tricked any further by the ruthless child-abuser, toni alamo !!!

  • Joe

    You can listen to the radio broadcast that Alamo says young girls can be married and have sex when they start menstruation at this web address.

  • Joe

    Tony Alamo said on one of his recent radio programs that God told him it was OK to ‘marry’ (not legally married) and have sex with young girls as soon as they have their first period; even at the age of 10.

    These are not “false comments about Tony Alamo”, this is his voice proclaiming this.

  • Alfie

    Stevie O, is it safe to assume you have no under aged daughters living there?

    A whole year!? hmmmm,
    Well flitter! Amongst your cohorts that oughta give you the admitted standing of a full fledged baby Christian*, am I right?

    You wrongly presume that this obviously makes you a valid authority about the “inner” comings and goings at the Alamo Cult.

    Some people have been there nearly 40 years and still aren’t privy to the diabolical “inner workings” that have gradually become the core foundation of that woeful gathering of duped souls.

    Such ignorance could dismissively be counted bliss if so much genuine human suffering were not being deceptively committed at the hands and dictates of your self proclaimed “world pastor”.

    That’s what it’s really all about,

    Ps: By the way, your very speech betrays you Stevie O.
    It’s got Tony Alamo’s unmistakable jargon stamped all over it which completely annihilates any unbiased credibility.

    *[except long ago your pitiful cohorts sadly surrendered any resemblance to true Christianity as they willfully subjected themselves to the usurped, ever blossoming perverse and hedonistic spiritual(lol) leadership of Tony Alamo, with their continued sold-out, misguided allegiance! ]

  • PACA

    Well Tony Alamo is a polygamist pervert and you Steve are a idiot. Follow him to Hell. That is what he wants you to do.

  • Steve ‘O

    Hi I’ve been a member of the “Tony Alamo Christian Minisries” for one year and to my experience, his church has help me with my needs, I found the light to Jesus Christ, and I have never been so happy. All these false comments about Tony Almo are signs of the end times, for all christians will be persecuted by the government, the news media, and the catholic cult. I, myself know many secrets about the governments! Such as George W. Bush, who was actually the one who send the terrorist to destroy the Twin Towers. Yep its true! Now either you stop accusing Tony about false accusation, or I will litereally give out another secret. This time it will be About the fake “government.”

  • Dyann P.A.C.A. West

    They were not mailed to anyone “New” to Fouke that I am aware of.

  • BETH

    HI i am new to Fouke and i got this paper in the mail about Tony Almo. I was wondering who sent it and why did they send it?? Please answer back

  • Michelle

    There are two new articles about Tony Alamo written by John Williams of the Arkansas Times. It is important to keep a spotlight on Tony Alamo, if for no other reason, than to make it more difficult for him to rape and beat other little girls.
    Thank you to Susy Buchanan for her exceptional report. Please, let us all keep working to rescue these children.

  • john victor

    “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing from the Word of God”(Romans, 10:17)
    Dear Brother in Christ,
    Greetings from Pakistan.
    I am John Victor from Pakistan. I have studied your web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the True Word of God. I found that all your material is full of knowledge concerning development of religious faith. Living in Pakistan we Christians is to face many obstacles to get the access to the Word of God. Most of the people in Pakistan are not capable to understand the English language. It’s because our national language is Urdu. My suggestion for you is to create your material in my language of Urdu and Punjabi also. It will bring lots of blessings of the Word of God for the Pakistani and Indian Urdu and Punjabi speaking people. For that purpose I as a translator will bring your material into Urdu languages and into Punjabi language as well. Although it will take your low expenses as well, as fund for the Word of God to reach out to the deserving people. As a translator I will take the expenses that will be spending just for the Word. I will be looking for your kind words on this my humble request as soon as possible.
    “There is nothing more precious than to read and listen the Word of God into your own language.”
    John Victor (Pakistan). Email:

  • Child Advocate

    The article was fantastic! Although it brings light to this monster’s deeds and intentions, it will not get him arrested unless he is caught in the act or someone who was victimized escapes and comes forward to the authorities with all they witnessed THEN they must have the strength to press charges and follow through with the grueling process of getting him convicted. His days are numbered and when he is judged many families and friends will once again be reunited. We must all pray for that day and work our hardest to contribute to exposing Alamo’s actions.

    This article and the website are a great start. Keep up the fight for all of those children who will no doubt carry the emotional and physical scars for years after it is over.

    Child Advocate

  • cc

    he needs to be in jail. forever.

  • Jim Griffin

    Thank you Susy Buchanan for the article you wrote exposing Alamo. Thanks also to everyone else for telling it like it is. I tried to listen to some of Tony’s radio messages but as usual his rambling and inability to stay on the subject looses me in just a couple of miniutes. I kind of got a kick out of him comparing himself to God by saying the authorities will have to go to Heaven and arrest God for impregnating Mary since she was only 11. I guess he forgot that Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Christ. I imagine that since he spoke the world into existance, he also could say the word and Mary could be with child without having sex with her. I don’t know why he would try to make God into a pedophile like himself. I hope Tony has many more bad weeks ahead of him. Can’t wait until he gets put away, I’m sure it’s coming.

  • Sue B

    Thank you for investigating the Alamo Foundation. Tony Alamo proclaims himself as “World Pastor” on his radio broadcasts. He stated on one of his radio programs that he, Tony Alamo, has power to start and stop the rain and also he has power to raise the dead. He is a pedophile, raping under-age daughters of his members and has also turned his followers into pedophiles. The picture of Jackie Garner is only 1 of the many under-age girls forced to marry a man in his 30’s.

    Tony Alamo is a liar! Even on his radio broadcast he challenges people to prove he has more than 1 wife! Tony, just because you didn’t get a marriage license for all of the girls you’ve forced into your bed, by telling them God would kill them if they didn’t submit their bodies to you and become your wife- doesn’t mean they are not your wife.! The Bible (which you claim to believe) states that when a man goes in unto a women and lies with her, she becomes his wife! Stop with all the lies Tony Alamo. We lived inside the foundation and know for a fact about the many girls you have forced into your polygamist lifestyle using the Gospel of Christ as a tool to satisfy your evil lusts!

  • Dyann

    Chris… my email, just in case you’d like it.

  • Dyann


    It was wonderful of you to post in here!
    I’ve thought of, and prayed for you for years.
    You are in NO way responsible for any of us or the others who are still trapped. It’s Lame-O who is responsible and only him. He will pay eventually.
    I am taking the liberty of forwarding survivors to the attny you mentioned above.
    I have written to every single law “enforcement” entity in that State and have NO response. I even wrote to the Governor who refered me to “Legal Council”… How can innocent children get to “Legal Council”?
    There has to be enough to indict him NOW!
    What are they waiting for? Another Papa Jones Masacre?
    Tony loved to align his self with David Koresh… They should beware they don’t overlook the possiblity of another Jim Jones!
    Great to know you’re still around, Chris (kiss)

  • Christhiaon Coie

    Thank you for the wonderful article about Alamo. I spent the better part of my life fighting my mother and Tony. I tried and tried to get law enforcement to lock him up and throw away the key. We managed to get him some prison time for the tax fraud. Attorney Charles Karr of Fort Smith Arkansas had the courage to fight this monster for me and the Court made him bring her body back and bury her like a human being. She was my mother. Even after all the horrible things she did, I still love her. She gave me life. Had Charles Karr not taken my case, I would have never been able to force him [Alamo] to bury her. Mr. Karr is wonderful decent man and I will go to my grave in his debt. As far as the one hundred thousand dollar judgment, I have never seen a dime of it. I wasn’t looking for money. If anyone ever deserved that money, it was my babies–my precious girls. They paid for my fight with their childhoods and security. I was so busy demanding justice for other peoples’ kids, my kids were drafted into a fight they should have never had to see, hear or ever know about. I doubt anyone in the Alamo cult will ever see this. But if you do, take your babies and run. Don’t hand your baby girls over to that filthy old reprobate. You’re not serving God—you’re serving a psychotic. Tony calls himself a man of God. Forgive me, but I think before you get to be much of anything you must first be a man (or woman)–that will be something he will never achieve. He’s a liar. A snake oil salesman. He trades in human suffering and punishment. Think of him as Osama, minus the dialysis machine in tow. He’s a whore for power and money. He uses his band of “I’m off my psychotic meds followers” to do his dirty deeds. It breaks my heart that he’s still slithering through the world. Momma and Tony have destroyed so many lives. It’s truly shameful. I’m so proud of Susan, who contributed to this article and all the young brave people who have the guts to stand up to the Alamos of the world. I also want to thank the Southern Poverty Law Center for their years of brilliant work.
    Christhiaon Coie

  • Dyann

    I just thought that the site I am referencing here:

    …is relevent to the SPLC site.
    I’m submitting it to this blog because I’m not sure which editor to forward it to.

    Thanks for acccepting my submital

  • Dyann

    Held Personally Accountable
    “Twenty five years of helping cult victims has thoroughly convinced me that the wrongdoing by destructive cults will stop ONLY when ALL profit is removed from that wrongdoing by holding the cult’s top executives PERSONALLY accountable before the law! If you or a loved one has been harmed by a cult, get a lawyer and sue the cult’s senior executives today. They are ultimately responsible for the harm that the cult has caused you and your loved ones. By getting full legal and financial restitution from the cult’s ill gotten profits you will not only help make your life whole again you will also do the most effective thing possible to prevent the cult from doing the same harm to others. Be encouraged, there are now many legal precedents established on cult abuse and mind control. Destructive cults have already paid former cult members hundreds of millions of dollars either though secret out-of-court settlements, pre-trial settlements or through enforced court judgments. Stop letting your former cult keep victimizing you. Use the law to go get your life made whole again and to help stop the wrongdoing, I did.”

    – Lawrence Wollersheim co-founder of Factnet, former cult member. Was paid a total of 9.2 plus million dollars in court judgments by the Scientology cult.

  • SW

    Excellent work Susy – you nailed better than anyone has ever done. The Arkansas police already have a bad rep for their involvement in Bill Clinton’s illicit sexual activities and need to be exposed for not acting sooner.
    I think one of the most revealing things on is the article by Suan’s son Charles, whom I remember visiting the Georgia Ridge compound. Only family members can tell us the truth of what really happened before we came to know T & S and swallowed their contrived “testimony”. Also I remember the day T.A. told several of us at 20644 Roscoe Boulevard Canoga Park Ca he was now a polygamist. I knew it was time to roll ASAP.
    God is still good . No one should throw away their faith because T.A. is evil. -SW

  • Dyann

    Yes, it did Greg.

    What’s more… ALL the volumes of documented information about Alamo that once was lost, is now found and brought back out into the light for all the world to view in all it’s ugliness.
    I pray the forces that broght that site on-line continues to have the power to maintain it.

    And the “Google List” keeps growing…. ;-)

  • Greg

    Alamo’s lawyers threatened the website; it was taken down and volumes of information about Alamo became
    Yes, Alamo certainly did have a bad week. Another thing that happened the same day the SPLC article was released was that debuted on the internet exposing Alamo’s atrocities.

  • cp pryor


    What an outrage that children continue to suffer and be scarred while too many of those vested with authority in our society turn blind eyes to this ever growing menace to human welfare which blatantly festers amongst us. The barbaric practices you’ve so frankly reported are woeful examples of the reprehensible behavior countless innocent and defenseless children are repeatedly being subjected to, and not just at the hands of Tony Alamo, that vaingloriously self-proclaimed ‘world pastor’, but also at the hands of other covert serial predators as well.

    Thank you so much for presenting such a candidly written, carefully researched and documented article on the diabolical mystique surrounding the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. In light of the hard to believe goings-on within that outfit, it’s not hard to understand that its very name is intended to serve as window dressing aimed at duping the unsuspecting. You’ve skillfully taken your tools of investigative journalist’s know-how and focused deeply beyond that deceptive store front image. You’ve successfully taken your readers right into the very dark heart of that sordid charade that poses as a genuine and benevolent Christian group.

    You’ve made it so easy to see Tony Alamo as he really is, ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’. This veritable con-artist even connived to feignedly offer charitable assistance to help provide the destitute Katrina victims with sorely needed donations. All the while unscrupulously working a hidden agenda to steal any would be profits those donations might fetch. Donations that had been acquired through bilking unsuspecting third party donors. Donors who gave generously in good faith, under the supposition that all their pledges were destined for the Katrina victims. Is there no end to his criminal behavior?

    This expose` encompasses the essentials that could very well spearhead all that’s vital in bringing this lawless culprit, Tony Alamo, to justice in the very, very, near future.

    Well done!

  • Connie

    Im looking at the picture of Jackie Garner who is only 12yrs old and married. Then I notice the little girl next to her standing in front of her grandmother.
    Is she next?
    According to Tony Alamo little girls at that young age can already be sexually active.

  • Tom A


    Thank You, for the wonderful article! I read your article in horror and disgust. How many years can these atrocities go unpunished? How manylaws need to be broken?

    How many young childrens lives need to be consumed by this sexual glutten.

  • Dyann

    I have emailed, telephoned directly to all law enforcement I can find and will continue to do so.
    They will all be held accountable for not moving sooner than now because the truth is out there. Thanks to Susy and this SPL Center and every other site that has exposed this diabolical reprobate.
    I have even had a call-back from the State Legislature’s Office from Arkansas who only informs me that this man needs to be sued civily. That an ex-member has to hire an attorney in order to bring Tony to justice. That is HOGWASH!
    What part of ongoing criminal, underaged VICTIMS who can NOT hire an attorney, don’t they understand???

  • connie

    What is really bad is that Alamo has used the Gospel for years to promote himself and just uses what is in the bible to keep people believing that he is really a Christian. You can teach a parrot to do that. He tells a little truth and adds a lot of lies. Alamo hasn’t an ounce of compassion for anyone. And any parent that would let their child of 12 years old marry has mental problems caused by years of being under alamo control. And the real sad part is that Alamo and his misguided followers are giving Christianity a bad rap. Just so you know real Christians would never be a part of Alamo or anything like it.

  • Carol

    Suzy, thank you for doing such a good job and keeping these attrocities in the context of Tony. Time is revealing more and more of what hes done. Hes truely a monster.

  • Alan BErger

    Alamo need to be stopped now. Hopefully this disclosure will get law enforcement authorities moving to apprehend this criminal, and save the children. SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!!!!

  • David

    It is horrifying to look at the photo of 12 year old Jackie Garner, and realize she is not playing dress-up in her wedding gown. She is actually about to have to submit to being raped. Is that her mother, the woman who looks confused, standing next to her? What could she possibly be thinking? Or a better question might be, is she thinking?
    i can only imagine the person who “married” this girl in the tradition of the “world Pastor Tony Alamo” is a raping pedophile himself. This cult must be flooded with these criminals who are hoping to get their own little girl to rape.

    This absolutely needs to be stopped. Does law enforcement not think about what these little girls have to endure? Is it not their job to protect these children?

  • Bob

    What do these fathers and mothers tell themselves to make them think it is okay to give away their precious little girls to be raped and beaten by this 73 year old pedophile? How distorted must their thinking be that they can tricked into losing the instinct which surely all parents have to want to protect their children and keep them safe from harm?

    Thank you, Susy Buchanan, for doing this article.

  • Renee

    This is a well-researched, well-written article about a modern-day monster in our society. It is difficult to imagine how law enforcement could ignore this unless, as is quoted in the article, they are corrupt. What can we do?

  • Judith

    I was shocked and disturbed by Susan Buchanan’s article and the follow-up comments by people familiar with Tony Alamo. How has Tony Alamo been allowed to continue perpetrating such horrific crimes??

    My hope is that the proper authorities will finally do what needs to be done – take serious legal action against Tony Alamo now!

  • Susy Buchanan

    Claudia, Dyann, Paca,
    Thank you for your kind comments. Check out the audio clips we have recently added to the story:

  • Dyann

    ” …. I believe the stage is being set for the arrest and conviction of Tony Alamo. The big pedophiles right now (Warren Jeffs, the creep who videotaped himself raping a 3 year old, and the pedophile who was raping little boys in Malaysia) are gaining worldwide attention.These arrests have given me a lot of encouragement,like they have for everyone else who hates evil, the freedom that Tony Alamo enjoys, is not worthy of, has been a source of daily vexation, indignation and anger. I can’t WAIT to see the justice and judgment of God, who never fails.”

    Reprinted by assumed permission from Claudia, my evil twin ;-)

  • Partnered Against Cult Activity

    Fouke’s newest friend Susy,

    Your visit to Fouke caused concern to some, especially us who were going against Alamo so intently, because we did not know what to expect. He has included so much hate and lies towards this town in the last year it could not all be included in your story as you well know. He tells of people’s medical conditions, that God’s going to destroy us. He says we’re the headquarters of the KKK. Alamo says we are being paid by the Vatican to come against him. We have to look at that place he calls a church every day. It cannot be describe as anything other than a compound. It’s locked gates and armed guards say it all. We care for the children in there. We care for anyone that wants to leave that place. We will not give in to his intimidation of guards following us. We will ignore his threats of lawsuits. We will not hand this town over to him. Our hope and belief is your article will get into the right hands and someone will finally have to take notice. That proscess has already started. Tony of course will run. And we will be watching and waiting. I dont think he will be as lucky this time.
    Come back sometime for another visit.

    Thanks Susy

  • Claudia

    Dear Suzy,
    I want to thank you, from the depths of my heart, for helping expose this 73 year old, who pretends to be not only a man of God (NOT !) but goes as far as to anoint himself with the blasphemous title of “World Pastor”. This horrible man has raped little girls, beaten children bloody, stolen, lied, has a virtual prison, full of captive girls and women. There are boarded up windows, locks on the doors, cameras mounted, and guards everywhere, to make sure that every avenue of escape is blocked. we need more people like you, Suzy, in order to shine a spotlight on the demonic activities of Tony Alamo, and do something about his crimes. Thank you ! Claudia

  • Dyann


    I am a regular reader of the SPLC online.
    I am also a surviving ALAMO Cult escapee.
    I want to expressly thank you for the attention to pay to this Hateful person and his crimes.
    His time is short, we are all making lots of noise.

    Many thanks again,