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VDARE Hate Site Pushing Tanton Special Issue

By Heidi Beirich on October 24, 2007 - 12:22 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant


An anti-immigration website is advertising a special edition of the hate journal The Social Contract entitled “Mass Immigration and the ‘National Question,” boasting that the issue is entirely devoted to reprinting articles from the site., which is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate site, is apparently raising money from the sale of the Winter 2006-2007 edition of the quarterly journal. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the quarterly’s publisher, The Social Contract Press (TSCP), as a hate group. Vdare is named for Virginia Dare, said to be the first white baby born in the New World, and the site has published racist and anti-Semitic articles.

The Social Contract Press is run by John Tanton, who has been dubbed “The Puppeteer” for his 25 years of work building up America’s anti-immigrant movement. Tanton’s dislike of immigration is racial — he has an extensive track record of making anti-Latino and anti-Catholic comments and has published works bemoaning the dwindling numbers and power of whites in America. In an infamous series of memos penned by Tanton in 1986, he questioned the “educability” of Latinos and worried about the impact of the breeding habits of Latin American immigrants on the U.S.

Tanton, based in Petoskey, Mich., is a leader in the largest American anti-immigrant organization, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which is currently leading the battle against the DREAM Act, a widely supported bipartisan bill that would provide a path to citizenship for immigrant students accepted to college. Tanton founded and currently serves on FAIR’s board of directors. FAIR has substantial connections to Vdare. FAIR board of directors member Donald A. Collins publishes often on and his article on a “culture war” is included in the anthology. Another former FAIR board member, Peter Gadiel, also penned one of the republished articles.

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  • Barksomewhereelse

    Have you listed La Raza as the true RACIST HATE GROUP it is. The Name its self is translated The Race aka (hispanic) one of their cute statements is
    “For the Race everything for all others nothing”
    This group is anti American to its core. Catch Michelle Malkins latest article ” The 15 things every one should know about La Raza” (the race).

    VDare and FairUs and Alipac and NumbersUsa and American Patrol and True American Citizens who care about this Great country who believe in American Sovereignty and believe in Moral order and civic order are the furthest thing from Hate as there can be.

    Those like you (hatewatch) and la raza and all other enimies of all good and proper, who embrace socialism and all things Godless, are the truly corrupt ones.

    Unless all support and take action to protect the Sovereignty of the United States of America we will all have to live in an environment not unlike the Mexico, just about lawless, their police are being murderd regularly, their citizens are kidknapped for ransom daily, parts of L.A. Ca. is not much different. Wake up to the REAL truth and quit trying to feel fuzzyinside 24/7 and know that your forefathers had to fight for what we have and the rest of us will to if we are not to be thrown into a third world and Godless society. Go to NumbersUsa, FairUs, Alipac, And VDare and take action NOW. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Phil

    “He questioned the educability of Latinos”
    This is a reasonable though politically incorrect question.
    They have a 50% dropout rates and score low on
    achievement test.
    The average education level in Mexico is only 6th
    California was once ranked #1 of all states for its
    education system 30 years ago. Now it ranks #47.
    Los Angeles students rank at the bottom on acheivment

  • What?

    I’ve been on VDARE’s website and I must say I’m confused how anyone can call this a ‘hate site.’ Yeah it’s pro white but the articles and opinions cover all sides of racial issues and are well researched and documented. Have we become a nation in which we call all whites racist simply because facts are brought to us by other whites? If that is now the political correct assumption I must admit I am a racist. I will work harder to change the opinions of others till I can remove this scar.

  • wynz

    Please publish your definition of “hate” as well as your criteria for “hate group” on the site.

    We have all become familiar with the University of Delaware class which used a definition of racist that condemned an entire race basically. Further investigation has found that to be rather more common among Universities then one would hope of educational facilities that should be teaching tolerance and diversity rather then “hate”.

    Therefore the definitions would help each of us decide if your organization is indeed basing your decisions on valid criteria.

    Since many of the groups you have listed as hate groups do not seem to project “hate” but rather a political view that your organization does not view as correct, I would like clarification.

    Further, if those site you have listed meet your definition of “hate group”, I wonder why other well known sites with simillar messages from the opposite side do not meet your criteria.

  • Lewis Loflin

    VDARE is not a hate site just because they disagree with the political position SPLC. Why are racist Latino groups such as the National Council of La Raza not racist? They make excuses for MEChA??? FAIR is also not a racist organization.

    Why are so many black people against mass illegal immigration? Could it be they don’t want their wages pushed down and displaced from their jobs by an illegal alien criminals and the criminal employers that hire them?

    I don’t want to attack the poor Mexicans that aren’t doing anything I wouldn’t be doing. But it’s equally wrong to abuse these people for cheap labor or to use as pawns of a political agenda.

    The groups you name above are not racist if they present facts you simply disagree with for political reasons.

    Mass illegal immigration by design hurts the working poor of all races, something the political left (such as the SPLC) refuses to acknowledge or cares about.

    To quote the above, “Tanton’s dislike of immigration is racial — he has an extensive track record of making anti-Latino and anti-Catholic comments”

    When did Catholics become a race? Must mean my father is a “minority.”

    Does being an American Nationalist (meaning all Americans of all colors being cultural Americans) mean I’m racist as opposed being international socialist that hates “white” (meaning hatred European culture or multiculturalism) not racist?

    If you leftists so care about the working class why don’t you do something to help them like end mass illegal immigration?

  • Religious Right Watch

    Thank you for highlighting the racist anti-immigration activities of FAIR and Tanton. Hatewatch has been added to the “Lamp Lighters” blogroll on Hopefully in some small way this can increase the visibility of the SPLC’s excellent and important work.