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‘Islamo-Fascism’? Well, Sort Of

By Casey Sanchez on October 25, 2007 - 1:45 pm, Posted in Anti-Muslim

David Horowitz, the radical leftist-turned-radical rightist who runs the FrontPage online magazine, wants to create a national movement to stand up to “the coalition between Islamo-fascists and American liberals at home who are running interference for the terrorists.” He thinks his fellow citizens should know that the pronouncements of Osama bin Laden are “increasingly cribbed from the work of the American Communist Michael Moore,” as he describes the liberal filmmaker who has criticized President Bush and American health care. And so, Horowitz has designated this week as “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week,” a period in which he is traveling to American university campuses to attack those who criticize the “War on Terror” and — parenthetically — those who see global warming as a major world threat.

And how is Horowitz publicizing his latest crusade against “anti-Americanism”? He’s circulating a press horowitzpress1.pngrelease that was captured in screen shots (right and below) by the enterprising folks at the Sadly, No! blog. The photo, Horowitz declares angrily, “shows a teenage girl buried before being stoned to death for alleged sexual offenses, [and] will serve as the poster for the protest Week. The stoning took place in Iran.”

Except it doesn’t, and she wasn’t. The photograph in question, as pointed out by Sadly, No!, actually comes horowitzpress2.pngfrom “De Steen” (“The Stone”), a 1994 Dutch indie film directed by Mahnaz Tamizi. Actress Smadar Monsinos plays the teenage girl.

Culturally sanctioned violence against women unquestionably remains a real and present danger in many different societies around the world. If, as Horowitz states, he really hopes to encourage “sit-in[s] outside the offices of Women’s Studies Department[s]” to end the violence, he might start by using real evidence instead of aging movie stills.

  • http://none mahanz

    Hi again, by the way The stone is not a Dutch indie on earth you create this nationality for me? …

    best regards,
    Mahnaz Tamizi

  • Nastaran Zomorrodi

    You American fascists think that this is about Horowitz and it’s this small-minded thinking that makes you people so hated around the world. Screw Horowitz! This is about a film that an Iranian women who watched one of her relatives, an innocent woman be stoned to death in Iran, you cock-eyed, ego-centric, illiterate loudmouths. Maybe you need to wait till the Mullahs march in here and take over till you too get a taste of what your Mr. Carter let loose on us…a bunch of pathological liar, misogynist zealots who hang freedom-fighters, gays and lesbians, AND starve 11 million workers inside Iran. You Americans really are C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S. I pity you.

  • Carrter

    Fascism is not Theocracy. What is perpetrated via Wahibism (fundamentalist Islamic element) is the dynamic of theocracy. However both political systems call into question the infringements of civil and / or human rights abuses in their rigidity.
    While it is easy to attack someone for a mistaken notion of political dynamic it is not easy to excuse the abuses of women and minorities in the enforcement of a religious authoritarian state.
    Yes, Horowitz was wrong in his descriptor. His use of a popular expression was poorly researched, etc. However, does that excuse the excesses perpetrated in the guise of religious zealotry?

  • unlucky 13

    Horowitz is a fascist himself who is leading a hate campaign against dissenters on behalf of corporate interests.It is like Mussolini calling Americans fascist when he critisizes others.?

  • Lewis Loflin

    Just how many people have to be murdered by Muslims in the name of Islam before the deluded left says something?

    Horowitz is right on track. Islamo-fascism? You bet it is. Keep up the good work Mr. Horowitz.

    Here’s some work from Islamo-fascists in Israel at

    And Islamo-fascists in Denmark over the Danish cartoons that led to rioting and murder in many countries:

    Where were you leftist’ “rights” folks when the New York Times and other “liberal” rags refused to print those cartoons to appease the “religion of peace?”

    I’m sure you mean well, but a little balance and common sense is needed here.

    Speaking of civil right, where’s the ACLU every time anyone right of Karl Marx tries to give a speech at a university and is confronted by a near left-wing riot?

  • the daily phosdex

    Maybe it was time to, for the sake of “fairness and balance” (sound like a broken record there, folks?), call for a “Christian-Fascism Awareness Week” in response to such a lame excuse for a non-issue of the worst kind known.

    A non-issue, methinks, designed to distract attention from the failings of the War on Terrorism and emerging scandals involving “the inside of the inside,” so to speak, of His Fraudulency’s Great Within.

    Then, and only then, will it be clearly shown just how ridiculous the interconnexion is between Islam and Fascism that Mr. Horowitz contends exists.

    And besides: Liberalism and Communism are ideologically incompatible, as a quick study will show.

  • yes thanks

    horowitz is an embarassing blight, a fanatic, a liar, a propagandist and a liar

  • Ms. L.R.

    David Horowitz needs psycho therapy. It’s clearly evident that Horowitz and his claims are perpetrated to keep him in the fast lane of Capitalist propaganda.
    Name-calling, bullying and grouping Muslims and Americans, who just want to be left alone and live within the laws of America–namely the freedom of religion and anti violence acts, as bad is false.

    The previous are good ideologies to propagate in America and worldwide.

    Horwowitz’s claims that all people who are practicing Muslims, Italian and educators, like Michael Moore, are part of a fascist regime affiliated to Osama bin Laden is breached and it violates our right(s) included in the U.S. Constitution of America.

    Hey Horowitz! Get off the band wagon and stop making a fortune on all aspects of current history and start giving some of this money, that is questionably reputed, to the poor and down trodden of other religions and cultures -and stop feeling sorry for your own rotten, and politically incorrect, past.

  • MysticSaint

    thanks for the article.